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X Withdrawal

(a) Withdrawal from Courses and/or the University:
Students who wish to withdraw from courses and/or the University must do so through Lakehead University's Web access. Students should refer to the course registration, addition and withdrawal dates in the Academic Schedule of Dates section of the Calendar for academic deadline dates, and students should also be aware of deadlines for the refund of fees.

(b) Withdrawals will not be permitted after the posted deadline date. The student will receive a mark based on the work completed and the mark will be counted as part of the student's average except in the circumstances described in Regulation V (g) above.

(c) Petitions:
Late withdrawal without academic penalty may be allowed in cases of illness or other compelling circumstances. A student seeking withdrawal for such reasons must petition the Registrar in writing within two months of the release of final grades, with supporting documentation. In the case of illness a Medical Certificate is required. The Registrar will then consult with the instructor or, if the instructor is not accessible, the Chair/Director of the instructor's academic unit. If the petition is granted, "W" (withdrew) will be assigned to the course. "W" is not considered a mark. In all other cases withdrawal from courses is not permitted after the deadline has passed.