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Course Numbering System


The word "course" means a full course equivalent (FCE), one full course or two half-courses, unless otherwise designated.

The first digit indicates the year level:
0 - course has no year level designation (may be taken in any year of study)
1 - normally first year course
2 - normally second year course
3 - normally third year course
4 - normally fourth year course
5 - normally masters level
6 - normally PhD level

The third digit indicates the course weight designation:
odd numbers 1 - 9 half courses
even numbers 0 - 8 full courses

Please note that there are exceptions to this rule, such as zero credit-weighted courses (non-credit required courses), quarter-weighted courses (Undergraduate Studies in Education), double-weighted courses or multiple-weighted courses, as indicated in each of the course descriptions (for example, Natural Resources Management 0190, Education 4016, Nursing 3600, and Biology 5901).


The placeholder designation, such as 9801 or 9901, is used for those terms in which a graduate student is involved in the research and writing of a graduate paper, project, thesis, or dissertation. The final grade will be assigned to the course designation: 5801, 5802, 5901, 5920, or 6901.


The designation "Special Topics" is used for courses that use the same course number but have distinct titles, instructors, and meetings for each course section (see Course Timetable Information) offered in any term. There may be more than one section (that is, different topics) in any term. The same topic title with the same instructor may be offered in a subsequent term. Students may not register more than once for the same topic in a Special Topics course.


The hours of instruction are given with the course description to indicate the lecture hours and then laboratory hours for courses in each of the two terms (fall; winter); for example:

3-3; 3-0 would indicate 3 lecture hours in each term, 3 lab hours in the first term only
0-0; 3-3 would indicate a half-course in the winter term with 3 hours lectures and 3 hours labs.