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Definitions (Full-time vs Part-time Status and Science Course)


A part-time undergraduate student in the Fall-Winter Term is one who is registered in three and one-half full course equivalents or fewer. All other undergraduate students are full-time. The normal course load is five FCEs or higher. (Please refer to the specific program requirements in this Calendar.) 

Students in programs for which the normal load is five courses may carry four or six courses if they have the approval of an academic adviser in the department of their concentration and their faculty Dean. (Permission to carry a sixth course should not be sought for the purpose of making up a deficiency due to past failure.)

Students required to register for single terms in programs that do not follow the academic year format are also considered to be full-time students provided that they register in all the courses prescribed for that term by their program. Where the normal load for the term is five half-courses or the equivalent, students may carry the equivalent of four or six half-courses if they have the approval of their department and the faculty Dean. A part-time student in this context is one who is registered in the equivalent of three or fewer half-courses.

A student who has maintained at least a 'B' average in his/her last five (5) courses, may take three (3) full courses in combined Spring and Summer Sessions. This constitutes the equivalent of a full-time program. No more than two full course equivalents may be taken during the Spring Session. No more than two full course equivalents may be taken during the Summer Session.


A science course at Lakehead University is
(1) any course listed as Applied Bio-Molecular Science, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, General Science, Geoarchaeology, Geology, Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Water Resource Science, or
(2) any course designated as "science" by Senate.
Students in Engineering and Education should consult their Faculty for exceptions to the above listed courses.