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Honours BA, BEd (Geography Major) I/S

Five Year program

Prior to Entry into Professional Year
In concurrent education programs at the Intermediate/Senior level, students must meet and complete
requirements of the partnering honours bachelor degree program prior to entry into the Professional Year including:

1. 1 FCE in English, French or an Indigenous language
2. Education 4417 and 4418 (.25 FCE x 2 = .5 FCE)
3. Education 4412, 4413, 4416 (.25 x 3 = .75 FCE)
4. Three Education electives (.25 x 3 = .75 FCE) (see Electives in the Department of Undergraduate Studies in Education Courses list) (Education 2011 (0.5 FCE) is recommended)
5. A minimum cumulative and teachable average of 65% and a minimum major average of 70%.
6. At least 5 FCEs in a first teachable subject and 3 FCEs in a second teachable subject, with at least one half-course (i.e., a minimum of 0.5 FCE) at the third or fourth-year level in each teachable subject (5 FCEs if the teachable is French, and a Computer Science, Music or Visual Arts degree if the teachable is Computer Studies, Music or Visual Arts). For recognized I/S teachable subjects and exceptions to the above regulation see Department of Undergraduate Studies in Education, Levels and Teachables section.
7. Students in the Honours BA, BEd (Indigenous Learning Major) are required to take one FCE in Native Language, Visual Arts 2060/Indigenous Learning 2060 and English 2702/Indigenous Learning 2702. Students are encouraged to take one FCE in English at the first-year level, including at least one of English 1111 or 1112, in the First Year. Students are encouraged to choose either Education 3235 or 3270 as their Education elective.

For students in concurrent honours bachelor degree programs, 2 (two) FCEs of required Education courses will be taken instead of electives in the HBA or HBSc program, prior to entering the Professional Year.

First Year:
Same as for the BA (Geography Major)

Second Year:
(a) Geography 2211, 2251, 2271, 2331, 2351, 2511, 2811
(b) One and one-half FCE electives

Third Year:
(a) Geography 3251 or 3253
(b) Two FCEs in Geography at the third year level
(c) Two and one-half FCE electives

Fourth Year:
(a) Three FCEs in Geography at the fourth year level
(b) Two FCE electives

Fifth Year (Professional Year):
Concurrent honours Professional Year (Intermediate/Senior) requirements are:

(a) Core:
Education 4000 - Honours Concurrent Special Topic


Education 4490 - Essentials of Planning, Evaluation, and Classroom Management


Education 4499 - Student Teaching in the Professional Year


Education 4213 - Literacy & Learning in the IS Curriculum (if teachable
is English, choose one Education elective)


Education 4271 - Guiding Student Choices


Education 4273 - Preparing Intermediate/Senior Teacher Candidates for Junior/Intermediate (Grades 7 and 8) Classrooms .25
(b) Curriculum and Instruction in two teachable subjects (2.0 FCE) selected from:
Education 4241 - History

Education 4242 - Social Sciences - General

Education 4244 - Mathematics

Education 4245 - Health and Physical Education

Education 4260 - Biology

Education 4261 - Chemistry

Education 4262 - General Science

Education 4263 - Geography

Education 4265 - Physics

Education 4280 - English

Education 4281 - French as a Second Language

Education 4283 - Native Studies

Education 4284 - Outdoor Ecological and Experiential Education: Intermediate-Senior Environmental Science 

Education 4285 - Native Languages

Education 4288 - Tutorial in Education (Business, Computer Studies, Music-I, Music-V, Visual Arts)

1.0 FCE x 2


(c) Education elective (see Electives in the Department of Undergraduate Studies in Education Courses list)


Total FCEs


These course components meet Ontario College of Teachers requirements for teacher certification in Ontario.