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Lakehead 2009-2010 Academic Units Undergraduate Programs and Courses Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies Interdisciplinary Programs in Geoarchaeology Geoarchaeology Programs
Geoarchaeology Programs

Three year BSc and four year HBSc programs in Geoarchaeology are offered. A combination of required courses and suggested electives provides a foundation of technical skills and concepts applicable to Geoarchaeological inference.

Majors in Geoarchaeology are advised to consult with the Program Committee Chair in planning their program. Students entering or proceeding in Honours programs must seek counselling for thesis planning in year three of their program. Students are advised to choose the elective courses carefully to ensure that they have taken the prerequisites needed for their second, third and fourth year elective course choices.

1. BSc (Geoarchaeology Major)

Three Year program

First Year:
(a) Anthropology 1032 and 1034
(b) Geography 1120
(c) Geology 1111 and 1131
(d) One FCE in English (any combination of English 1011, 1031, 1111, or 1112)
(e) One full course equivalent from: Biology 1110, 1130; Chemistry 1110, 1130; Physics 1101; Mathematics 1160

Second Year:
(a) Anthropology 2110 and 2112
(b) Anthropology 2137 and 2151
(c) Anthropology 2515 and either Anthropology 2517 or Geography 2811
(d) Geography 2211
(e) Geology 2214 and 2217
(f) One half-course elective (either Geography 2331 or 2251 is recommended)

Third Year:
(a) Two FCEs in Anthropology at the third-year level
(b) Geography 2351
(c) Geography 3251 or Forestry 2350
(d) Geology 2112 and 3130
(e) One full course equivalent elective (Mathematics 2321 or Geography 2271 and a half-course elective is recommended)

2. Honours BSc (Geoarchaeology Major)

Four Year program
A student may enter, proceed in and graduate from the Honours BSc program in accordance with stipulations of the University Regulations section, page 39, and Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies Regulations section, page 152, of the Calendar. All course choices in fourth year must be approved by the Program Committee Chair.

Year One through Three:
The courses for the first three years are the same as for the three year BSc program. However, the overall average in all Anthropology, Geography and Geology courses must be at least 70%.

By March 31, students eligible to enter the fourth year of the BSc program, and who intend to fulfil the thesis requirement in the next academic year must (a) have a faculty advisor, (b) have a topic approved by the advisor, and (c) submit a thesis proposal including an appropriate bibliography.

Fourth Year:
(a) One FCE in Anthropology at the fourth-year level
(b) Geoarchaeology 4101 and 4901
(c) Geology 3410
(d) One and one-half FCE electives