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Lakehead 2009-2010 Academic Units Undergraduate Programs and Courses Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Department of History
Department of History
Professor and Chair P. Jasen
Professors R. Harpelle,
  S.S. Islam (Political Science), 
  P. Jasen
Associate Professors M.S. Beaulieu,
J.-Y. Bernard,
  L. Chambers (Women's Studies),
  T. Dufresne (Philosophy), 
  R. Robson (Indigenous Learning),
  H.E.H. Smith (History/Women's Studies),
  V.C. Smith
Assistant Professors
J.D. Anuik (History/Interdisciplinary Studies),
  K. Burnett,
  P.V. Das,
  J. Nicholas,
  T.R. Stubbs (History/ Interdisciplinary Studies)
Adjunct Professors J. Hudson (NOSM),
  P. Raffo
Professors Emeriti of History M.S. Chen,
  A.E. Epp
Contract Lecturers C. Hudson,
  T. Kaipio,
  D. Ratz
Lecturer D. Bonar (History/Interdisciplinary Studies)


The study of History is an ever-expanding discipline which encompasses all aspects of human experience in all parts of the world. The teaching and research expertise of our faculty is diverse, and includes such fields as social, political, cultural, economic, business, women's and environmental History, with a concentration on Canada, the United States, Europe, Latin America, and the post-colonial world.

Students of History become involved in the process of creating a shared understanding of past events, but they also explore those areas of History which are relevant to their own concerns. A distinctive element of our Honours program is that fourth-year students may elect to write an Honours thesis (History 4901), under the individual supervision of a faculty member, on a topic which they have chosen themselves.

A degree in History prepares students for the job market in a variety of ways. Because a knowledge of the past is essential for understanding the present and anticipating the future, graduates of our programs are found wherever their analytical skills are needed, including business, law, and government service. History courses also develop students' writing, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Many of our graduates follow careers in teaching, and others find employment in History-related fields such as archival work, libraries, and historical research.


See Requirements for Admission to Undergraduate Degree Programs in the Admission Requirements section of this Calendar.


See the University Regulations section and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Regulations section of this Calendar for conditions to enter, proceed in, and graduate from these programs.