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Lakehead 2009-2010 Academic Units Faculty of Graduate Studies Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies Mathematical Sciences Graduate Programs
Mathematical Sciences Graduate Programs

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Professor and Dean of Science and Environmental Studies A.P. Dean
Associate Professor and Chair A. Van Tuyl
Graduate Co-ordinator R. Anisca
Core: Master's Thesis Supervisory   
  F. Allaire (Computer Science),
  R. Anisca,
  M.W. Benson (Computer Science),
  Y. Chen,
  A.J. Dean,
  J.A.W. Fiaidhi (Computer Science),
  W. Huang,
  M. Ilie,
  G. Lee,
  D. Li,
  L. Liu,
  P. Mah (Emeritus),
  T. Miao,
  S.M.A. Mohammed (Computer Science),
  R. Wei (Computer Science),
  A. Van Tuyl
Non-Core: Limited Membership  
  F. Ting


Candidates are accepted under the regulations governing the Master's degree (see page 267-269) providing they also satisfy the requirements of the department as stated below:

A student entering the Master's program is expected to have at least a B grade average in an honours mathematics or computer science program from an accredited university and have had the necessary undergraduate prerequisites for the graduate courses he/she intends to take. None of the graduate courses are prerequisites for other graduate courses. Students who plan to obtain a Ph.D. degree in mathematics should enrol in the thesis program.

Application deadline is February 1. Late applications may be considered for admission, but may not be eligible for funding.



(a) The Thesis Program:
A candidate admitted to the MA or MSc program will normally be expected to complete three full courses, including Mathematics 5301 and one other 5000 level course designated by the Department. In addition, the candidate will be required to pursue a research program and complete a thesis which is normally considered the equivalent of two courses. A student may be required to undertake an oral examination near the completion of the program.

(b) The Course Program:
This program consists of five full graduate courses, including Mathematics 5301 and 5801.

(c) The MA/MSc Co-operative Option:
A graduate student normally will be admitted to this option after completion of three full graduate courses for a starting date in May.

Co-op employment for a minimum of 8 months must be successfully completed to satisfy co-op requirements for the degree; however students may be employed on co-op for up to a maximum of 16 months as part of the program.

Students interested in a co-op placement should inform the Department's Co-op Advisor at least four months in advance of the proposed date of the placement (e.g., by late December for placements beginning in May). The Department's decision as to the suitability of each candidate will be based primarily on academic performance. Successful candidates will work with the Co-op office and the university Co-op Co-ordinator in their search for suitable employment. Upon completion of the co-op placement, the student will either complete a thesis (Thesis Program option) or take two additional full graduate courses, including Mathematics 5801 (Course Program option).

Suggested Course Concentrations:
Students will take Mathematics 5301; Mathematics 5901 or Mathematics 5801; and, if the co-operative option is selected, Mathematics 5992. As well students may choose to concentrate courses in one of the following disciplines:
(a) Computing: Computer Science 5401, 5410, 5411, 5413, 5415, 5417, 5435, 5437, 5471
Mathematics 5273, 5351, 5371
(b) Mathematics: Mathematics 5101, 5221, 5273, 5281, 5311, 5351, 5371
(c) Statistics: Mathematics 5331, 5333, 5335, 5337
(d) Applied Mathematics: Mathematics 5273, 5311, 5331, 5333, 5337, 5351, 5371

Research Areas:
The research areas of the faculty of the Departments of Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science are:

Artificial Intelligence:
Professors Fiaidhi, Mohammed, Noroozi
Professor Wei
Communtative Algebra/Algebraic Geometry:
Professor Van Tuyl
Computational Graph Theory/Combinatorial Computing:
Professor Allaire
Computer Networks/Communications:
Professor El Ocla
Computer Security:
Professor Wei
Functional Analysis:
Professors Chen, Dean, Mah, Miao
Internet Computing:
Professor Mohammed
Numerical Analysis:
Professors Benson, Liu
Optimization/Operations Research/Management Science:
Professors Huang, Liu
Probability and Statistics:
Professors Huang, Li
Programming Languages:
Professor Fiaidhi