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Lakehead 2009-2010 Academic Units Faculty of Graduate Studies Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences Kinesiology Graduate Programs
Kinesiology Graduate Programs


Professor and Dean of Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences  L.A. Livingston
Associate Professor and Acting Director M.J. Taylor
Graduate Coordinator D. Kivi
Core: Master's Thesis Supervisory  
  J.E. Crossman,
  J.M. Farrell,
  J. Gotwals,
  M.N. McPherson,
  W.J. Montelpare,
  I.J. Newhouse,
  M.J. Taylor,
  G. Yang
Non-Core: Limited Membership  
  D. Walker (Adjunct)



Lakehead University provides the opportunity for qualified students to study for an MSc degree in Kinesiology. The degree program employing a multi-disciplined approach focuses on the study of human performance from a scientific perspective. The program of study centres around eight areas of content:
1. adapted physical activity
2. biomechanics
3. biostatistics
4. epidemiology
5. exercise physiology
6. motor control and learning
7. psychology of sport and physical activity
8. sociocultural

When making their course selections, students choose a discipline orientation which involves an in-depth study of Kinesiology in one of the above areas of content.

A timetable for a course of studies will be determined for each student. It is expected that the student adhere to this schedule in completing the degree requirements.

Applications to the MSc degree in Kinesiology will be accepted and processed throughout the year. Application deadline is February 1. Late applicants may be considered for admission, but may not be eligible for funding.

Applicants to the graduate program in Kinesiology who are required by the University admission regulations to write the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) must also write the Test of Written English (TWE) and achieve a minimum score of 3.5.


Five FCE courses are required to fulfill the requirements for graduation. The required thesis (Kinesiology 5901) is equivalent to two and a half FCE courses. Other required half-courses include:

KINE 5010 - Research Methods and Design
KINE 5011 - Design and Analysis in Kinesiology

Students then choose 1-1/2 FCE electives from the following half-courses:
KINE 5031 - Mental Training
KINE 5032 - Psychology of Physical Activity
KINE 5052 - Exercise Physiology for Human Performance
KINE 5070 - Directed Studies
KINE 5073 - Seminar in Adapted Physical Activity Research
KINE 5090 - Special Topics
KINE 5110 - Advanced Clinical Exercise Physiology
KINE 5170 - Seminar in Motor Control
KINE 5410 - Survey Methods
KINE 5453 - Advanced Biomechanics
KINE 5550 - Issues in Sport Sociology
KINE 5730 - Issues in Gerontological Research

Depending on the program of study, a student may determine, in consultation with his/her supervisor and the co-ordinator, other courses offered at Lakehead University which are appropriate for his/her course of study.

The School of Kinesiology offers a Specialization in Gerontology to students in the Kinesiology program. Students who apply and are accepted to the specialization take Kinesiology 5730 and Gerontology 5710 as electives, complete Gerontology 5790, and include aging as a construct of the research thesis. See Specialization in Gerontology page 271 for program details