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Lakehead 2009-2010 Academic Units Faculty of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Graduate Studies



Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr. T. Philip Hicks



The University offers programs leading to the following degrees:

Master of Arts

Master of Business Administration

Master of Education

Master of Environmental Studies

Master of Forestry

Master of Science

Master of Science in Engineering

Master of Science in Forestry

Master of Science in Management

Master of Public Health

Master of Social Work

Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology

Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology

Joint Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Forest Sciences


The University also offers collaborative programs with the following specializations:

Specialization in Gerontology 

Specialization in Women's Studies


The University also offers programs which include the following graduate diploma:

Health Services and Policy Research

Not all courses listed in the Calendar are offered every year. Supplementary information regarding course offerings and course instructors is available from the Office of the Registrar and posted in the online Course Timetable.

Courses not offered this academic year (fall/winter terms) are indicated by the words "NOT OFFERED THIS YEAR" below the course description. Nevertheless, students should refer to the Timetable as a final check

Graduate Programs and Courses in the: