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Lakehead 2009-2010 Academic Units Undergraduate Programs and Courses Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies Department of Biology
Department of Biology
Associate Professor and Chair P. Lee
Professor and Dean of Graduate Studies T.P. Hicks
Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair G.G. Pyle
Assistant Professor and Ontario Research Chair W. Qin
Professors S.J. Hecnar,
  T.P. Hicks,
  L. Malek,
  A.U. Mallik,
  D.W. Morris,
  R. Wang
Associate Professors J.M. Hughes,
N. Kanavillil (Biology/Interdisciplinary Studies),
  R.D. Law,
  P. Lee,
  K.T. Leung,
  R. Omeljaniuk,
  G.G. Pyle,
  H. Schraft,
T. Varney (Anthropology)
Assistant Professors J.P. Carney,
  S.R. Kurissery (Biology/Interdisciplinary Studies),
  W. Qin
Curator of Claude E. Garton Herbarium E. North
Adjunct Professors D. Chapman,
  R. Dekker,
  N. Khaper (NOSM),
  L. Lovett-Doust,
  R. Mackereth,
  J. McLaughlin,
  R. Rempel,
  A. Rodgers,
  B. Ross (NOSM),
  Z. Suntres (NOSM),
  J.P.H. Th'ng (NOSM),
  M. Ulanova (NOSM),
  I. Zehbe
Professors Emeriti of Biology R. Freitag,
  W.M. Graham,
  M.W. Lankester,
  A.D. Macdonald,
  W.T. Momot,
  G.W. Ozburn,
  J.P. Ryder
Contract Lecturers C. Abbey,
  D. Chapman,
  M. Moore,
  D. Newhouse,
  E. North

Faculty and students in the Department of Biology are bound together by a common interest in explaining the diversity of life, the fit between form and function and the distribution and abundance of organisms. Members of the Department aim to advance knowledge through exciting, innovative research in lab and field, engage students in research and learning, participate actively in national and international scientific societies and initiatives, involve the community in the science of biology, and share knowledge freely through dedicated and effective teaching.

The undergraduate curriculum stresses central aspects of biology required for a balanced education, namely, form and function, cell and molecular biology, genetics and evolution, biodiversity, systematics, ecology and environmental biology. Students are enthusiastically supported in their quest for a career in any of several biological disciplines, the health-related fields, in teaching or in research.

The Department of Biology provides a sound education for the needs of both science-based, professional career students and those who wish to understand the complexity of the living world and apply that knowledge in a specific way. The Department offers several programs structured to fulfill various interests. Students considering a career in the health-related fields, and those who are contemplating a career in science as researchers and educators at the MSc and PhD level, are advised to register in one of the following programs, depending on one's specific interest: Honours BSc (Biology Major), BSc (Joint Major in Biology and Chemistry) or the HBESc (Biology Major). The BSc (Natural Science Major) is viewed as a terminal degree in biology; it will appeal to those who may not wish to pursue the career-scientist route but may wish to apply a basic knowledge of biology to their chosen career. An interest in Biology can also be pursued in combination with Outdoor Recreation (HBOR/BSc Natural Science) and Education (HBSc Biology/BEd and BSc Natural Science/BEd).


See Requirements for Admission to Undergraduate Degree Programs in the Admission Requirements and Registration section of this Calendar, page 27.


See the University Regulations section (page 39) and the Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies regulations (page 152) of this Calendar for conditions to enter, proceed in, and graduate from these programs.