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Lakehead 2009-2010 Lakehead University Calendar
Lakehead University Calendar

Note to Readers:

This version of the Calendar contains new and revised programs and courses approved by the Senate of Lakehead University, up to and including the May 15, 2009 meeting, the final Senate meeting before the 2009-2010 academic year.

Please disregard old hard copy page numbers used in the web version calendar; we have provided web links instead, wherever possible. Please let us know if you find broken or incorrect links.

The Summary of New Changes for the 2009-2010 Calendar will summarize updates to this online Calendar. Links to several previous years' calendars and updates are available under the Previous Calendars link.

The print option for this Calendar does not fully work in Mozilla Firefox (i.e. only prints the first page of any longer webpage document); therefore, we recommend you try a different web browser, such as Windows Internet Explorer (for PC users) or Safari (for Mac users), if you wish to print pages from this Calendar.

Last Academic Update (programs, courses, regulations): June 11, 2009
(August 26, 2009: Corrections - Chem 1100 in concurrent BSc (Mathematics) BEd PJ, JI, IS; Poli 4217 prerequisite; Kine 5010 prerequisite) 
(Oct. 8: from October 2, 2009 Senate: concurrent HBA (Women's Studies) with BEd)
(October 27, 2009: Correction - Native Nurses' Entry Program)
(October 29, 2009: Correction - English Programs)
(Oct. 30: from October 2, 2009 Senate: Revision to University Regulation IV Examinations (j) and addition of information regarding full disclosure on application in Admission Requirements, Undergraduate Application Procedure)
(November 2, 2009: Correction - Education 4284)
(November 3, 2009: Correction - Sociology 3750, Sociology 4511/Gerontology 4511/Social Work 4511/Women's Studies 4511, Sociology 4515/Gerontology 4515)
(November 10, 2009: Reactivate Education 4509)
Correction: Master of Public Health, Specialization in Nursing, Course Option, Nursing Theory in Public Health incorrectly numbered as 5311 instead of PUBL 5332: 18June2010

Last Update: July 9, 2010