University Life

1. Social Behaviour

The traditional privileges of a university are freedom of inquiry and freedom of expression. These freedoms can be maintained if all students accept the obligation for a standard of responsible social behaviour that does not bring discredit upon the University and/or harm to persons and property. Students are expected to respect the University regulations, the personal liberty of others and the laws of the land.

Students are subject, at all times, to the University Code of Student Behaviour and Disciplinary Procedures. Copies of this document are available from the Student Affairs Office and the Office of the Registrar.

2. On Campus Living Accommodations

Lakehead University Residence has housing accommodations for 1281 students in traditional dormitory style, townhouse and apartment style residences. The traditional dormitory style residences are co-ed and have both shared and single rooms. These are available to both first year and upper year students. Both the townhouse and apartment style residences are single room, four bedroom units preferred by our upper year students.

Students in the traditional style dormitories enjoy the benefits of an all-you-can-eat meal plan, seven days a week. As the townhouses and apartments have full kitchens, students may purchase optional meal plans from the University's food caterer to assist with their busy class schedules.

Based on student demand, Residence will offer Wellness areas. These may include quiet areas (an environment that is quieter than the dormitory norm) and/or alcohol-free areas.

Residence rooms are all fully furnished. Facilities in the Residence complex include Dan's Diner, vending machines, coin laundry, a social centre, bicycle storage and study rooms.

All Residence bedrooms are equipped with Internet and telephone access (long distance extra). Students wishing to have Cable TV in their rooms may arrange for their own cable through the local cable provider. Some housing is available that is barrier free accessible. Unfortunately Residence does not have married or family housing on campus during the fall and winter terms.


All Secondary School Students who are admitted to Lakehead University and reside outside the City of Thunder Bay will receive a Residence Profile and Residence Room Offer with their Admissions Package. Students residing in the City of Thunder Bay who wish to take part in the Residence experience may contact the Residence Office directly.

New and Returning Students to Residence must complete online Residence Applications available through a link from

Although students may state a preference for a specific type of accommodation (such as a single room or townhouse), it may not be possible to satisfy those preferences. Students are therefore advised to indicate a wide choice of preferences.


As Secondary School Students are not required to apply in advance for Residence, they will receive a Residence Room Offer without a specified room assignment. All room assignments will be completed upon receipt of the signed Residence Contract and down payment. Rooms will be assigned based on the information provided by the student on the Residence Profile.

New and Returning Students to Residence will receive Room Offers with specific room assignments based on information from their online applications.

To accept the Residence Room Offer students must sign and submit the Residence Contract page along with their down payment by the deadline date specified on the Room Offer.

Acceptance of an offer of accommodation is binding for the term of the contract or the full academic year.


Please refer to the Residence Schedule of Fees for specific payment due dates to ensure your fees are paid on time.

Eight Month Contract
The Residence Contract and meal plan operate from September 2, 2005 until December 17, 2005 and January 3, 2006 until April 24, 2006.

Students may start moving into Residence at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, September 2, 2005.

Ten Month Contract
The 10-month Residence Contract comprises the period June 30, 2005 to December 17, 2005 and January 3, 2006 to April 24, 2006.

Students occupying their Residence rooms outside their contract dates will be subject to a charge of $30.00 per extra night.

Each Residence Room Offer includes a copy of the Residence Rates, or rates may be viewed at (select Residence Rates).

Contact Residence
For any questions regarding Residence please contact:
Email -
Telephone - (807) 343-8097 and (807) 343-8060
Website -

3. Off-Campus Living Accommodations

Students are encouraged to live in the University Residences to receive the maximum benefits of the University experience. In some cases, such as families and married couples, residence is not an option. The Department of Residence operates a year-round Off-Campus Housing Office which directs and assists students in obtaining living accommodations in the City of Thunder Bay.

Off-Campus Housing listings consist of rooms, room and board, apartments and/or houses located in the community. The University lists available housing only and does not guarantee suitable accommodations will be found. Please see for available listings.

Students who choose to live off-campus must notify the Office of the Registrar of their in-town contact address to ensure proper delivery of University correspondence.

Contact Off-Campus Housing
For any questions regarding Off-Campus Housing please contact:
Email ­
Telephone ­ (807)343-8024
Website ­

4. Student Union

The Lakehead University Student Union fee automatically entitles the student to membership in the Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU). The funds of the union help subsidize student publications (Argus and handbook), orientation, the Aboriginal Awareness Centre and Aboriginal programming, the food bank, the Gender Issues Centre, the Niteline, Pride Central, the Emergency First Response Team, Foot Patrol, the International Student Advisor, the Ombudsperson, student clubs, and many more services.

In addition, students are represented by the union in such areas as Senate and Senate Committees, and the Board of Governors (two voting members and one observer). LUSU also has external affiliation with the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS).

The Executive Committee of LUSU consists of the President, Vice-President of Finance and the Vice-President of Student Issues. The LUSU Executive Committee is responsible to the LUSU Board of Directors, which is an elected body of twenty student representatives from all schools and faculties in the university.

The LUSU Activity Fees are collected by the University for LUSU. A Handbook explaining the services students receive is available in the LUSU office. Student Activity Fees are published in the Fees section of this calendar, see page 15, and on the Financial Services website at:

LUSU Contact Information:
Telephone: 807-343-8259
FAX: 807-343-8598

5. Athletics

Athletics is an integral part of the University lifestyle that is vital to the educational development of each and every student. A focused athletics program creates a University environment that fosters friendship, goodwill and overall fitness. Athletics enhances Lakehead's image by adding diversity and richness to University life.

Lakehead University's dynamic and varied Athletics Department recognizes the necessity for comprehensive campus recreation programs and works hard to make students' time at the University as enjoyable as possible. Lakehead University offers a variety of Varsity and Club level sports listed below. An extensive selection of intramurals are offered through Campus Recreation. Students are urged to come out and support the Thunderwolves as they compete at events throughout Thunder Bay.



Club (Subject to Interest)    











Cross Country Running


Track and Field


Nordic Skiiing







Academics and the Athlete
The Athletics Department recognizes the challenge faced by student athletes to balance success both in athletics and in the classroom and has implemented the following programs to assist in their success:

Academic Success
Designed for all athletes, skills in time management and essay writing are taught along with a complete introduction to the various student services offered on campus.

Academic Assistance Program
An academic assistance program designed to create dialogue between the student athlete, coach, faculty, and academic advisors. It allows any potential academic problem with an athlete to be identified quickly and intervention to occur at an early stage, as well as identify academic achievement and accomplishments.

Lakehead University students enjoy extensive fitness facilities at the C.J.Sanders Fieldhouse and The Hangar. The University is proud to offer the 15,000 square foot Thunderdome gymnasium, an indoor running track and soccer field, a state-of-the-art Wolves' Den fitness centre, a 50-metre eight- lane swimming pool, cardio room, outdoor sports fields, outdoor beach volleyball court, Kinesiology labs, squash courts, and change rooms complete with saunas and tanning beds.

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