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Northern Studies Stream - Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Programs
McMaster University's Master of Clinical Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy, MCHS (OT), and Master of Clinical Health Sciences, Physiotherapy, MCHS (PT), Programs offer a Northern Studies Stream (NSS) option in collaboration with Lakehead University. Approximately one-half of the students in the program will be able to participate in academic and/or clinical education in Northwestern Ontario. The goals of the NSS are:

- increase students' awareness and knowledge of the determinants of health unique to northern and rural communities;
- increase students' awareness of aboriginal health issues, culture and health practices relevant to the First Nations people living in northern and rural Ontario;
- provide students with the skill required for dealing with professional issues while practicing and living in northern and rural communities.

For further information, please contact:
Elaine Foster-Seargeant, PT Co-ordinator, Northern Studies Stream, telephone (807) 343-2114, e-mail
Jennifer Cano, OT Coordinator, Northern Studies Stream, telephone (807) 343-2112, e-mail at Health Sciences North. Fax (807) 343-2104.
For up-to-date information on McMaster University's Rehabilitation Programs and the admission process, visit the website: or .

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