Technology Services Centre

The Technology Services Centre (TSC) combines the skills, knowledge and equipment to provide Academic and Administrative Computing, Information Services, Voice and Data Communications and Computing Services in the areas of learning and research, in order to assist the University in fulfilling its Academic mission, and to the Administration, to enhance the effectiveness of the institution.

It is our mission to stay continually aware of developments in information technology, in order to provide recommendations on long term strategy and direction, and to act as a general resource for the University community. In consultation with user representation, select and recommend computing and communications solutions to most effectively meet the institution's goals, in all areas.

The Technology Services Centre is located in the Advanced Technology & Academic Centre (ATAC) and in the Braun Building. ATAC provides the University with facilities second to none for learning and technological training. All ATAC classrooms are wired to integrate computer, multimedia, and network technologies, as well as links to the distance education facilities.

TSC units include: Software Support, the Helpdesk, Computer Operations, Networking and Systems Support, Systems Management, Videoconferencing, Multimedia and Telecommunications (Telephone and Data Communications).

Computer Labs and Systems

Lakehead University has a Virtual Reality Suite in the ATAC building supported by SGI supercomputers installed on campus. The Virtual Reality system has applications in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Medicine, Engineering and Computer Science.

Students currently enrolled in courses at Lakehead University are allocated accounts to use in computer labs in the ATAC Building, the Braun Building and other areas of the University. The computer systems supplied in the labs are IBM PCs, and IBM-PC compatibles. Special labs have been set up in ATAC dedicated to Geographic Information Systems applications. In addition, ATAC offers a lab of Unix based Sun X-windows workstations.

Accounts on the student server are created automatically for students at no charge. An account is necessary before using a computer in one of the labs. Web-based e-mail accounts are provided as part of the Admissions process.

Laser printing (both black and white, and colour) and pen plotting is offered through an account debit system. Students are given an initial credit on their accounts towards printing each September.

Microcomputer Support Services

The Helpdesk for computer assistance is on the second floor of the ATAC building. Students can call the Helpdesk at 346-7777 or send electronic mail to

During the Fall and Winter terms, student computer advisors are on duty to provide additional assistance. The student advisors will help with general inquiries and hardware problems in the labs.

Multimedia Unit

The Multimedia Service Unit promotes and provides expert support for the development and provision of the highest quality teaching throughout the University. The Unit has developed a number of new services to fulfill its mandate of promoting excellence and innovation in teaching. The Multimedia Service Unit consists of Video Conferencing, Tele-Conferencing, Video & Audio streaming, Studio Production, Multimedia Maintenance and Audio-Visual Equipment Delivery.

Internet Café

Internet café computers are available at no charge in many public areas on campus. These systems are set up for e-mail access and Internet browsing.

RezNet in Residence

RezNet is Lakehead University's support centre for internet, network and phone services available for students living in Residence. Rooms are wired for direct access with a network card. The phones operate on a network and internet based telephony system, meaning that only the phone provided will operate in the room.

The RezNet office is located in the Bartley Building - Rainy River 115. RezNet staff are available to promptly resolve the service problems for students. Contact RezNet at 346-7925 during posted office hours or by email at


Telecommunications/Networking provides services to the entire campus including Residence including Voice over IP (VoIP) Telephony and Data networks.

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