Other Sources Of Financial Assistance for Full-time Students


The Financial Aid Office administers various forms of financial assistance:
1. OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program which is a combination of the Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan)
2. OWSP (Ontario Work Study Program)
3. Bursary for Students with Disabilities
4. Child Care Bursary

Students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and who are residents of Ontario, by the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) definition, may apply for assistance under the Ontario Student Assistance Program. *Full-time students (studying at 60% or more of a full course load) may be eligible for assistance in the form of Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loans from OSAP on the basis of an established financial need. As OSAP is a needs-based program, the student's income and assets (and parent's income, if applicable) are taken into consideration. The OSAP program is designed to assist students and parents in meeting the cost of post-secondary education. It is meant to supplement, not replace, the financial responsibility of students and parents.

*NOTE: The definition of full-time for OSAP purposes is NOT the same as full-time to Lakehead University.

For more information about the OSAP application and guide, visit the Ministry's website at http://osap.gov.on.ca or contact the Financial Aid Office, Lakehead University at (807) 343-8206.

Ontario Work Study Program (OWSP)
The OWSP program is designed to offer eligible students the opportunity to work part-time on campus and earn up to $2,000 per academic year to help offset some of the costs of education. Students must complete an OWSP application and student budget. Once approved, they can apply for any job available under the OWSP program. Applications are available from the Financial Aid Office in September for jobs in the fall/winter term. As this program falls under the OSAP umbrella, students must meet the criteria to apply for OSAP and must demonstrate financial need.

Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD)
The BSWD program provides students with disabilities non-repayable funding to meet disability-related costs associated with their education, such as equipment and supplies. Students must meet the eligibility criteria for OSAP funding by demonstrating financial need in order to qualify.

Child Care Bursary (CCB)
The CCB provides non-repayable funding to financially needy OSAP eligible students with three or more dependent children to help meet child-care costs directly related to their post-secondary education. For further information and applications available from the Financial Aid Office.

"Service Benevolent Funds" have made provision for loans and/or grants for the benefit of former service personnel or their dependents. Inquiries should be directed to the nearest district office of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Canadian Armed Forces Subsidization Plan
The high professional ability required of present day military officers demands the best in education and training. The Department of National Defense therefore sponsors programs of university education and leadership training for selected young men and women who have the potential to become officers in the Canadian Armed Forces. The admission standards are high, but for those who qualify the way is open to a challenging and rewarding career.
The programs sponsored are the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP), Medical Officer Training Plan (MOTP) and Dental Officer Training Plan (DOTP). Training given under these plans is divided into two parts; normal attendance at university throughout the academic year and military training each summer. A period of compulsory military service is a condition of acceptance to any of these plans.
Individuals interested in obtaining more information on, or wishing to make an application for, any of these plans are requested to contact:
Commanding Officer
Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre
266 Graham Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0J8

Canadian Forces Primary Reserve Education Reimbursement Program
The Canadian Forces Primary Reserve offers a new tuition reimbursement program for members of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve who are pursuing full or part-time studies in a Canadian post-secondary institution in a course leading to an initial baccalaureate degree or any other post-secondary course formally recognized as an equivalency for the member's military occupation. This program applies to courses commencing in September. A student will be reimbursed each September, for courses successfully completed in the previous academic year, 50% of tuition and mandatory course costs to a maximum of $2,000. The total benefit available to an individual is $8,000.
Applications and additional information may be obtained from:
Canadian Forces Primary Reserve
Northwestern Ontario Provincial Recruiting Officer
736 Communications Squadron
c/o 317 Park Avenue
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 1C7

The Children of War Dead (Education Assistance) Act
This act provides fees and monthly allowances for children of veterans whose death was attributed to military service. Inquiries should be directed to the nearest district office of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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