Thunder Bay • Orillia

Type E: Indigenous Content

ANTH-1034 World Cultures
ANTH-2118 Tracing Human Migrations
ANTH-2173 Archaeology of N America
ANTH-2515 Key Concepts in Ethnology
ANTH-2550 Traditional Aboriginal Culture
ANTH-3315 Archaeology of Boreal Forest
ANTH-3551 Treaty & Aboriginal Rights
BIOL-3012 Aboriginal Ethnobotany
CREE-1010 Introduction to Cree I
CRIM-3510 Issues in Indigenous Justice
EDUC-4359 Aboriginal Education
ENGL-1116 Native & Newcomer Lit in Can
ENGL-2510 Global Literatures in English
ENGL-2717 Indigenous Lit in Canada
ENGL-3750 21st Cent Indigenous Storytell
ENGL-3751 Indigenous Child & Young Adult
ENST-1190 Indi Knowledge, Sci, Environ
ENST-2312 Native Peoples and the N
FREN-3650 African & Caribbean Literature
GEOG-1190 Indi Knowledge, Sci, Environ
HIST-2510 The Americas to 1870
HIST-3314 History of the Canadian North
HIST-3330 North American Fur Trade
HIST-3333 Colonial Encounters in Canada
HIST-4313 Issues Hist Northern Ontario
INDI-1011 Introduction to Cree I
INDI-1014 Intro to Severn Ojibwe I
INDI-1100 Intro Indigenous Learning
INDI-1310 Meth/App Applied to Ind Learn
INDI-1312 Native Imagery
INDI-1314 Native People and the Issues
INDI-2173 Archaeology of N America
INDI-2301 Special Topics
INDI-2302 Transfer of Educ Jurisdiction
INDI-2311 Native Peoples and Newcomers
INDI-2312 Native Peoples & the N
INDI-2314 Metis Peoples of Canada
INDI-2315 Comm Well-Being & Native Ppls
INDI-2431 Native People and the Past
INDI-2433 Native People & Government
INDI-2711 Indigenous Peoples, Myth & Dra
INDI-3100 Research Methodology
INDI-3110 Special Topics
INDI-3312 Shelter in Native Communities
INDI-3330 North American Fur Trade
INDI-3333 Colonial Encounters in Canada
INDI-3351 Aboriginal Peoples and the Law
INDI-3612 Indigenous Women & Health
INDI-3613 Indi Women & Their Chang Roles
INDI-3811 Rights Aboriginal Peoples S.35
INDI-3812 Taxation and the Status Indian
INDI-4301 Special Topics
INDI-4302 Indigenous Peoples & World
MDST-2310 Anti-Racist & Abor Media Can
MDST-4550 Global Indigenous Media
NORT-1111 Intro to Circumpolar World
NORT-1112 Intro to the Canadian North
NORT-2312 Native Peoples and the N
NORT-3211 Peoples & Cultures I
NORT-3212 Peoples & Cultures II
NORT-3311 Contemporary Issues I
NORT-3312 Contemporary Issues II
NORT-3314 History of the Canadian North
NORT-3330 North American Fur Trade
NORT-4313 Issues Hist Northern Ontario
NRMT-2054 Aboriginal Peoples & Nat Res
OJIB-1013 Intro to Severn Ojibwe I
OUTD-1150 Land Relations
OUTD-3715 Aboriginal Tourism
POLI-3351 Aboriginal Peoples and the Law
SOCI-2755 Technology and Soc
SOCI-3818 Women in the North
SOWK-4411 Soc Work Prac & Aboriginal Peo
WOME-2119 Global Indigenous Feminisms
WOME-3612 Indigenous Women & Health
WOME-3613 Indi Wom & Their Changing Role