Thunder Bay • Orillia

Type B: Social Sciences

ANTH-0300 Introduction to Language
ANTH-1032 Intro Bio Anth & Archaeology
ANTH-1034 World Cultures
ANTH-2110 Biology of Human Variation
ANTH-2112 Human Evolution
ANTH-2116 Gender Cross-Cultural Perspect
ANTH-2118 Tracing Human Migrations
ANTH-2137 Fundamentals of Archaeology I
ANTH-2151 Ancient Peoples and Places
ANTH-2173 Archaeology of N America
ANTH-2332 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ANTH-2515 Key Concepts in Ethnology
ANTH-2517 Engaging Ethnology
ANTH-2811 Special Topic I
ANTH-2813 Special Topic II
ANTH-3010 Geoarchaeology
ANTH-3118 Scientific Appl Archaeology
ANTH-3133 Environmental Archaeology
ANTH-3134 Archaeological Reconnaissance
ANTH-3136 Forensic Anthropology
ANTH-3138 Intro DNA Molecular Methods
ANTH-3139 Molecular Anthropology
ANTH-3231 Historic Archaeology
ANTH-3232 Archaeology of Europe
ANTH-3235 Ceramics Analysis
ANTH-3238 History of Ethnology
ANTH-3312 Medical Anthropology I
ANTH-3315 Archaeology of Boreal Forest
ANTH-3317 Medical Anthropology II
ANTH-3455 Stable Isotopes Bioanthropolog
ANTH-3534 Visual Anthropology
ANTH-3551 Treaty & Aboriginal Rights
ANTH-3671 Geography of Arctic Region
ANTH-3711 Kinship and Marriage
ANTH-3715 Plagues and Peoples
ANTH-3716 Arctic Cultures
ANTH-3717 Exploring Cultural Diversity
ANTH-3718 Anth of Magic and Religion
ANTH-3719 Anth of Violence and War
ANTH-3733 Social Organization
ANTH-3739 Anthropology of Art
ANTH-3801 Archaeological Field School
ANTH-3811 Special Topic I
ANTH-3813 Special Topic II
ANTH-3815 Special Topic I With Labor
ANTH-3817 Special Topic II With Lab
ANTH-4010 Current Issues in Anthropology
ANTH-4111 Ecological & Environment Anth
ANTH-4114 Human Impacts on Environment
ANTH-4219 Human Skeletal & Dental Biolog
ANTH-4417 DNA in Forensic Science
ANTH-4419 Ancient DNA
ANTH-4430 Molecular Paleopathology
ANTH-4450 Forensic & Archaeol Microscop
ANTH-4501 Advanced Cultural Anthropology
ANTH-4503 Advanced Archaeology
ANTH-4505 Adv Biological Anthro
ANTH-4517 Society, Culture and Nature
ANTH-4737 Material Culture
ANTH-4811 Special Topic I
ANTH-4813 Special Topic II
ANTH-4901 Honours Thesis
BUSI-3317 Microeconomics
CRIM-1010 Introduction to Criminology
CRIM-1030 Introduction to Criminalistics
CRIM-2010 Youth Crime and Justice
CRIM-2015 Criminological Theory
CRIM-2030 Gender and Crime
CRIM-2050 Race, Ethnicity, and Crime
CRIM-2090 Criminological Research Method
CRIM-3010 Special Topics I
CRIM-3030 Special Topics II
CRIM-3150 Crimes of the Powerful
CRIM-3350 Forensic Psychology
CRIM-3370 Cybercrime
CRIM-3510 Issues in Indigenous Justice
CRIM-3511 Violence
CRIM-3590 Crime and Punishment
CRIM-3770 Criminology of Pop-Culture
CRIM-4010 Environmental Criminology
CRIM-4030 Comparative Criminology
CRIM-4050 Controversies in the Courts
CRIM-4070 Trafficking
ECON-1100 Principles of Economics
ECON-2014 Basic Economics - Theory
ECON-2017 Microeconomics I
ECON-2037 Microeconomics II
ECON-2115 Economic Statistics I
ECON-2117 Economic Statistics II
ECON-2203 Macroeconomics
ECON-2212 Environmental Economics
ECON-2231 Health Economics
ECON-2511 Locational Economics
ECON-3111 Labour Economics
ECON-3114 Intl Finance
ECON-3117 Mathematical Economics I
ECON-3131 Benefit-Cost Analysis/Project
ECON-3133 Regional Economics
ECON-3211 Economic Development
ECON-3214 History of Economic Thought
ECON-3215 Money & Banking
ECON-3313 Public Finance
ECON-3319 Economic History
ECON-3412 Industrial Organization
ECON-4111 Intl Trade
ECON-4117 Mathematical Economics II
ECON-4217 Econometrics & Forecasting
ECON-4230 Cliometric Analysis
ECON-4531 Natural Resource Economics
ECON-4611 Special Topics
ECON-4901 Honours Thesis
EDUC-1410 Aboriginal Educ Foundations
EDUC-1499 Intro to Foundations of Educ
EDUC-2010 Math Curr for P/J Teachers
EDUC-2011 Math Curr for J/I Teachers
EDUC-2110 Foundations Mathematics Educ
EDUC-2130 Teachers Aboriginal Learners
EDUC-2150 Literacy & Abor Child, - Age 8
EDUC-2399 Contemporary Educ Thought
EDUC-3011 Teach French FSL
EDUC-3013 Early Reading
EDUC-3014 Physical Sciences in PJ Curr
EDUC-3130 Abor Parents, Families & Comm
EDUC-3131 Digital Learning & Teaching
EDUC-3150 Literacy & Abor Child, 9-12
EDUC-3210 Educ Technology in Classroom
EDUC-3218 OE3 Community Service
EDUC-3219 OE3 Authentic Group Project
EDUC-3230 Philosophy in Education
EDUC-3231 Interperson Comm Skills Class
EDUC-3232 Society and Education
EDUC-3233 Hist of Educ Thought & Pract
EDUC-3235 Contemp Issues Native Educ
EDUC-3236 Reli Educ Catholic Dist SB ON
EDUC-3237 Teach Multicultural Setting
EDUC-3238 Outd Ecological & Exper Educ
EDUC-3239 Special Topics
EDUC-3250 Research Practices in Educ
EDUC-3251 Process Writing
EDUC-3252 Coop Learning Strategies
EDUC-3253 Teaching Kindergarten
EDUC-3255 School-based Health Promotion
EDUC-3258 School-based Outdoor Educ
EDUC-3259 Special Topics (Pass/Fail)
EDUC-3270 Teach English Native Children
EDUC-3273 Teaching in Isolated Community
EDUC-4000 Honours Concurrent Spec Topic
EDUC-4001 Honours Project
EDUC-4412 Educational Law
EDUC-4413 Foundations & Issues in Educ
EDUC-4416 Aboriginal Education
EDUC-4417 Educational Psychology
EDUC-4418 Teaching Exceptional Students
ENST-1120 Envir Iss: A Geog Approach
ENST-1140 Environmental Issues With Lab
ENST-2212 Environmental Economics
ENST-2312 Native Peoples and the N
ENST-2817 Sociology of the N
ENST-3133 Environmental Archaeology
ENST-3311 Environmental Gemorphology
ENST-3332 Environmental Policy
ENST-3411 Resource Mgmt & Sustainability
ENST-3431 Geography of Energy
ENST-3435 Native People and the Land
ENST-3471 Environmental Asses & Manageme
ENST-3691 Landscapes
ENST-4111 Ecological & Environment Anth
ENST-4114 Human Impacts on Environment
ENST-4351 Global Climate Change
ENST-4411 Water Resources Management
ENST-4451 Geography of Risk & Hazard
ENST-4517 Society, Culture and Nature
ENST-4531 Natural Resource Economics
ENST-4810 Environmental Sustainability
ENSU-1033 Intro Environ Sustainability
ENSU-3053 Inquiry Environ Conservation
ENSU-3810 Special Topics I
GEOA-4101 Adv Readings in Geoarchaeology
GEOA-4901 Geoarchaeology Hon Thesis
GEOG-1120 Environmental Issues
GEOG-1140 Environmental Issues With Lab
GEOG-2251 Inquiry & Interpretation
GEOG-2511 Economic Geography
GEOG-2811 Cultural Geography
GEOG-3253 Cartography
GEOG-3255 Geography Field Methods
GEOG-3311 Environmental Geomorphology
GEOG-3411 Resource Mgmt & Sustainability
GEOG-3431 Geography of Energy
GEOG-3471 Environmental Assessment&Mgmt
GEOG-3531 Behavioural Geography
GEOG-3611 Geography of the United States
GEOG-3631 Geography of Canada
GEOG-3633 Geography Lake Superior Basin
GEOG-3671 Geography of Arctic Region
GEOG-3691 Landscapes
GEOG-3693 Geography of Northern Europe
GEOG-3731 Urban Residential Structure
GEOG-3751 Retail Location
GEOG-3811 Political Geography
GEOG-4271 Field Studies
GEOG-4291 Intl Field Study
GEOG-4351 Global Climate Change
GEOG-4411 Water Resources Management
GEOG-4451 Geography of Risk and Hazard
GEOG-4731 Urban Geography
GEOG-4771 Sustainable Communities
GEOG-4811 Rural Geography
GEOG-4831 Indigenous Geographies
GERO-1110 Introduction to Gerontology
GERO-1130 Aging in Canada
GERO-2139 Gerontology
GERO-2501 Family Sociology
GERO-2509 Sociology of Health & Illness
GERO-3131 Psychology of Aging
GERO-3513 Sociology of Aging
GERO-3515 Life Course Studies
GERO-4055 Interprof Educ & Wellness
GERO-4151 Advan Stud in the Psy of Aging
GERO-4511 Sociology of Disability
GERO-4515 Issues in Social Gerontology
GERO-4719 Adv Seminar in Gerontology
GSCI-1015 University Seminar
HIST-1100 The Making of the Modern World
HIST-2010 Environ Hist: A Global View
HIST-2110 Modern Europe I, 1789-1914
HIST-2115 Germany, 19th Century
HIST-2116 Germany, 20th Century
HIST-2130 Modern Europe II, 1914-1990
HIST-2138 Revolutionary France,1789-1870
HIST-2139 Republican France, 1870-1983
HIST-2171 Finland & Nordic in 19 Century
HIST-2172 Finland & Nordic in 20 Century
HIST-2201 Greek
HIST-2203 Roman History
HIST-2315 Can Military Hist Since 1919
HIST-2335 Girls & Women Early Cdn Hist
HIST-2350 Modern Canada
HIST-2510 The Americas to 1870
HIST-2511 United States After Civil War
HIST-2515 Modern Latin Am & Caribbean
HIST-2821 Special Topics
HIST-3106 European Women Historical Pers
HIST-3111 The Balkans
HIST-3140 The Hitler State
HIST-3160 The Holocaust
HIST-3311 The American Impact on Canada
HIST-3312 Canadian Labour History
HIST-3313 Cnd Military History to 1919
HIST-3314 History of the Canadian North
HIST-3315 Cnd Military Hist Since 1919
HIST-3316 Cdn Business History
HIST-3317 Arctic Sovereignty
HIST-3318 History of Sport in Canada
HIST-3330 North American Fur Trade
HIST-3332 Popular Culture Modern Canada
HIST-3333 Colonial Encounters in Canada
HIST-3335 Women & Gender Early Cnd Hist
HIST-3336 Women & Gender Recent Cnd Hist
HIST-3413 Tudor and Stuart England
HIST-3501 20th C Central Am & Caribbean
HIST-3615 Gender & Colonialism S Asia
HIST-3701 Intl Hist 20th Century
HIST-3703 Women in Classical Antiquity
HIST-3710 Intnl Dev Historical Perspect
HIST-3713 World War I
HIST-3714 Topics in Gender History
HIST-3715 Hist in Frame-Events to 1900
HIST-3716 Hist in Frame-Events Since1900
HIST-3731 History of Medicine, 1500-1800
HIST-3732 History of Medicine 1800-1950
HIST-3733 The Cold War, 1939-1989
HIST-3734 Creating Global Capitalism
HIST-3801 Special Topics
HIST-3811 Special Topics
HIST-3812 Special Topics
HIST-3830 Public History
HIST-3901 Directed Reading
HIST-4001 Advanced Reading & Research
HIST-4015 Renaissance & Reformation Eur
HIST-4111 France's Foreign Pol,1890-1990
HIST-4113 European Imperialism 20th Cent
HIST-4117 Issue 20th C Russia & E Europe
HIST-4301 Issues in Cdn History
HIST-4313 Issues Hist Northern Ontario
HIST-4320 Canadian Cultural History
HIST-4352 History Cdn Foreign Policy
HIST-4501 Issues in United States Hist
HIST-4502 Themes in Mod Lat Amer His
HIST-4511 American Empire Latin America
HIST-4603 Themes in Asian History
HIST-4703 Tensions of Empire
HIST-4705 Medicine and Society
HIST-4711 History & Philosophy Socialism
HIST-4713 Imperialism & the Environment
HIST-4810 Historiography
HIST-4811 Special Topics
HIST-4813 Special Topics
HIST-4820 Special Topics
HIST-4830 Community Placement
HIST-4831 Public Hist Field School
HIST-4850 Intro Museum & Heritage Study
HIST-4851 Intro to Archival Science
HIST-4901 Honours Thesis
INDI-1100 Intro Indigenous Learning
INDI-1310 Meth/App Applied to Ind Learn
INDI-1314 Native People and the Issues
INDI-2301 Special Topics
INDI-2302 Transfer of Educ Jurisdiction
INDI-2311 Native Peoples and Newcomers
INDI-2312 Native Peoples & the N
INDI-2313 Native Peo & the Urban Comm
INDI-2314 Metis Peoples of Canada
INDI-2433 Native People & Government
INDI-2805 Native Cdn World Views
INDI-2811 Corporations & Status Indian
INDI-3100 Research Methodology
INDI-3110 Special Topics
INDI-3311 Native Peoples and Community
INDI-3312 Shelter in Native Communities
INDI-3435 Native People and the Land
INDI-3611 Gender Relations First Nations
INDI-3612 Indigenous Women & Health
INDI-3613 Indi Women & Their Chang Roles
INDI-3811 Rights Aboriginal Peoples S.35
INDI-3812 Taxation and the Status Indian
INDI-4111 Honours Project I
INDI-4112 Honours Project II
INDI-4301 Special Topics
INDI-4302 Indigenous Peoples & World
INDI-4411 Soc Work Prac & Aboriginal Peo
INDI-4801 Abor Self-Govt in Intl Law
INTD-1010 Foundations of Inquiry
INTD-3010 Applications of Inquiry
INTD-4010 Honours Seminar
INTD-4030 Honours Research
INTD-4032 Hon Research in Criminology
INTD-4033 Hons Res Environ Sustain
INTD-4220 Honours Media Research Project
INTD-4260 Hons Research Creation Project
INTD-4901 Honours Thesis
KINE-2059 Psyc of Physical Activity
KINE-2079 Soc of Sport & Physical Act I
KINE-3030 Introductory Statistics
KINE-3070 Adapted Physical Activity
KINE-3079 Soc of Sport & Physical Act II
KINE-3230 Research Processes
KINE-4055 Interprof Educ & Wellness
KINE-4059 Adv Psychology Physical Activi
KINE-4113 Lifestyle Counselling
KINE-4179 Special Topics
KINE-4193 Camp School Or Hiking School
KINE-4220 Research Project
KINE-4230 Inquiry Into Research
KINE-4710 Principles Commun & Leadership
KINE-4713 Career Exploration
KINE-4810 Directed Studies
LIBR-2051 Special Topics
LIBR-3050 Special Topics
LING-0300 Introduction to Language
MDST-1010 Intro Media Studies, Part I
MDST-1030 Intro Media Studies, Part II
MDST-2010 Alternative New Media
MDST-2210 Media Criticism
MDST-2230 Media Studies Research Methods
MDST-2310 Anti-Racist & Abor Media Can
MDST-2430 Sound Perception and Listening
MDST-2510 Global Media Convergences &
MDST-3010 Sp Topics Media Representation
MDST-3050 Spec Topics Inter Global Media
MDST-3310 Media, Art and Activism
MDST-3410 Sexuality in Media
MDST-3510 Globalizing Discourses of Diss
MDST-3530 Transnational Approaches to
MDST-3910 Internship I
MDST-3930 Internship II
MDST-4310 Media & Env Justice Movements
MDST-4330 Disability Rights & Media
MDST-4350 Fem Approach Media & Tech
MDST-4430 Meta-Media
MDST-4530 Media Framing of Immigration
MDST-4550 Global Indigenous Media
MDST-4650 Special Topics in Media Prod
NORT-1111 Intro to Circumpolar World
NORT-1112 Intro to the Canadian North
NORT-2171 Finland & Nordic in 19 Century
NORT-2172 Finland & Nordic in 20 Century
NORT-2312 Native Peoples and the N
NORT-2411 Special Topics
NORT-2817 Sociology of the N
NORT-3111 Land & Environment I
NORT-3112 Land & Environment II
NORT-3211 Peoples & Cultures I
NORT-3212 Peoples & Cultures II
NORT-3311 Contemporary Issues I
NORT-3312 Contemporary Issues II
NORT-3313 Ecological Structure Northern
NORT-3314 History of the Canadian North
NORT-3317 Arctic Sovereignty
NORT-3330 North American Fur Trade
NORT-3411 Special Topics
NORT-3435 Native People and the Land
NORT-4111 Canada & Circumpolar World
NORT-4311 Adv Seminar Northern Studies
NORT-4313 Issues Hist Northern Ontario
NORT-4411 Special Topics
NORT-4901 Honours Thesis
NRMT-1071 Economics and Business
NRMT-2170 Forest Economics
NRMT-2310 Intl Resources Mgmt
NRMT-3251 Renewable Energy Resources
NRMT-4212 Management Planning I
NRMT-4213 Policy & Legislation Nat Res
NRMT-4214 Management Planning II
NRMT-4250 Environmental Assessment
NRMT-4259 Advanced Studies in Foresty I
NRMT-4270 Advanced Studies in for II
NRMT-4271 Marketing of Forest Products
NRMT-4274 Bio-products & the Economy
NRMT-4275 Intl Trade of Forest Products
OUTD-1010 Group Dynamics in ORPT
OUTD-1150 Land Relations
OUTD-2210 Theory & Prac Outdoor Lead
OUTD-2270 Programming
OUTD-2511 Rsearch Design
OUTD-2750 Theory and Practice of Tourism
OUTD-2755 Natural Areas and Toursim
OUTD-2810 Theory and Practice of Parks
OUTD-2910 Second Year Seminar
OUTD-2930 Second Year Seminar
OUTD-3050 Evaluation & Assessment
OUTD-3075 Honours Project I
OUTD-3171 Outdoor Education Practices
OUTD-3230 Ecological Literacy
OUTD-3310 Expedition Management
OUTD-3311 Outdoor Adventure Leadership
OUTD-3312 Risk and Legal Liability
OUTD-3331 Topics in Leadership
OUTD-3370 Field Explorations I
OUTD-3410 Interpretation and Guiding
OUTD-3510 Advanced Inquiry & Analysis
OUTD-3511 Research Design
OUTD-3531 Topics in Tourism
OUTD-3610 Inclusive & Spec Recreation
OUTD-3715 Aboriginal Tourism
OUTD-3731 Tourism & Entrepreneurship
OUTD-3733 Community Tourism Plann
OUTD-3771 Nature-Based Tourism
OUTD-3811 Visitor Impacts
OUTD-3812 Human Dimensions Perspectives
OUTD-3831 Topics in Parks
OUTD-3911 Field Placement
OUTD-4011 Directed Studies in ORPT
OUTD-4075 Honours Project II
OUTD-4131 Experiential Educ Outdoor Rec
OUTD-4170 Private Land Stewardship
OUTD-4311 Adv Outdoor Adven Leadership
OUTD-4370 Field Explorations II
OUTD-4371 Advanced Group Dynamics
OUTD-4411 Advanced Interpretation
OUTD-4510 Polar Tourism
OUTD-4611 Therapeutic Recreation
OUTD-4732 Sustainable Tourism
OUTD-4733 Rural Community Tourism Devel
OUTD-4734 Tourism & Recreation Economics
OUTD-4773 Cultural Issues Rec & Tourism
OUTD-4810 Natural Areas Management
OUTD-4813 Coastal and Marine Areas
POLI-1100 Intro Political Sci
POLI-1301 Introduction to Law
POLI-2212 Canadian Government
POLI-2213 Canadian Political Processes
POLI-2311 Criminal Law
POLI-2313 Human Rights & Civil Liberties
POLI-2315 Law and Politics of the Family
POLI-2335 Politics, Govt & Soc in Usa
POLI-2339 Comparative Politics
POLI-2410 Mass Media and Politics
POLI-2510 Ancient & Medieval Pol Thought
POLI-2555 Approaches to Public Policy
POLI-2611 World Politics
POLI-2617 Intl Law & Organization
POLI-3101 Directed Reading
POLI-3215 Ontario Politics
POLI-3217 Local Government in Canada
POLI-3250 The Politics of Food
POLI-3311 3rd World Politics & Society
POLI-3313 Third World Area Studies
POLI-3314 Global Terrorism
POLI-3319 Comparative Public Policy
POLI-3331 Law & Pol: Special Topics
POLI-3332 Environmental Policy
POLI-3333 Comp Industrial St of Europe
POLI-3334 Comp Industrial St Out Europe
POLI-3335 Political Tactics
POLI-3337 Canadian Federalism
POLI-3338 Comparative Federalism
POLI-3339 Comparative Health Policy
POLI-3351 Aboriginal Peoples and the Law
POLI-3355 Public Policy & Development
POLI-3359 Women in Developing Countries
POLI-3515 Political Thought & Contemp Is
POLI-3517 Modern Political Thought
POLI-3519 Special Topics
POLI-3617 Foreign Policy Decision-Making
POLI-3619 Foreign Policies of Mjr Powers
POLI-3711 Public Administration
POLI-3713 Cdn Public Administration
POLI-4101 Undergraduate Honours Thesis
POLI-4110 Research Methodology
POLI-4150 Selected Topics in Law
POLI-4213 Politics in the Cdn N
POLI-4215 Cdn Political Thought
POLI-4217 Constitutional Pol Canada
POLI-4255 Canadian Public Policy
POLI-4311 Select Problems Comp Politics
POLI-4312 Foreign Policies of Japan,
POLI-4315 Security & Conflict Resolution
POLI-4330 Theories of the State
POLI-4335 Political Strategy
POLI-4513 Contemporary Political Thought
POLI-4555 Politics of Public Policy
POLI-4615 Global Political Economy
POLI-4711 New Public Management
POLI-4911 Special Topics
PSYC-1100 Introductory Psychology
PSYC-2004 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC-2011 Child Development
PSYC-2012 Childhood Disorders
PSYC-2101 Stat Methods Behaviour Researc
PSYC-2211 Intro to Health Psychology
PSYC-2301 Personality Psychology
PSYC-2801 Social Psychology
PSYC-2917 Research Opportunity I
PSYC-2937 Research Opportunity II
PSYC-3081 The Exceptional Child
PSYC-3131 Psychology of Aging
PSYC-3201 Intro Psychometric Theory
PSYC-3210 Cultural Psychology
PSYC-3211 Environmental Psychology
PSYC-3331 Indust & Organizational Psyc
PSYC-3350 Forensic Psychology
PSYC-3715 Psychology of Human Sexuality
PSYC-3811 Special Topics in Psychology
PSYC-3815 Directed Reading
PSYC-3911 Intro Res Processes
PSYC-4032 Psychotherapy I - History
PSYC-4033 Psychotherapy II-Therapeutic
PSYC-4111 Adv Statistics Behavioural Res
PSYC-4151 Advan Stud in the Psy of Aging
PSYC-4212 Gender and Mental Health
PSYC-4215 Community Psychology
PSYC-4331 Advanced Social Psychology
PSYC-4611 History of Psychology
PSYC-4711 Neuropsychological Dysfunction
PSYC-4811 Special Topics in Psychology
PSYC-4901 Honours Thesis
SOCI-1100 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI-2111 Perspectives in Social Thought
SOCI-2112 Special Topics
SOCI-2205 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI-2213 Social Problems in Canada
SOCI-2214 Current Issues Social Problems
SOCI-2217 Canadian Society
SOCI-2221 Crime and Society
SOCI-2301 The Sociology of Law
SOCI-2501 Family Sociology
SOCI-2509 Sociology of Health & Illness
SOCI-2755 Technology and Soc
SOCI-2817 Sociology of the N
SOCI-2911 Social Research Traditions
SOCI-3103 Seminar in Selected Soc Topics
SOCI-3105 Directed Reading
SOCI-3107 Sociology of Women
SOCI-3113 Special Topics in Sociology
SOCI-3213 Urban Life and Culture
SOCI-3310 Foundations Social Research
SOCI-3311 Res Techniques & Data Analysis
SOCI-3410 Early Sociological Theory
SOCI-3411 Contemporary Sociology Theory
SOCI-3501 Sociology of Educ
SOCI-3505 Sociology of Work
SOCI-3513 Sociology of Aging
SOCI-3515 Life Course Studies
SOCI-3533 Religion and Spirituality
SOCI-3550 Gender Cont Social Life
SOCI-3612 Demography
SOCI-3613 Canadian Population
SOCI-3751 Cultures of Computing
SOCI-3810 Information and Society
SOCI-3811 Surveillance and Society
SOCI-3901 Women, Health and Medicine
SOCI-4101 Readings in Sociology
SOCI-4103 Adv Seminar on Selected Sociol
SOCI-4105 Women and Sociological Theory
SOCI-4111 Readings in Sociology
SOCI-4113 Special Topics
SOCI-4250 Law and Society
SOCI-4313 Problems & Issues in Research
SOCI-4317 Quantitative Methods
SOCI-4319 Qualitative Methods
SOCI-4411 Adv Perspectives Social Theory
SOCI-4511 Sociology of Disability
SOCI-4515 Issues in Social Gerontology
SOCI-4517 Society, Culture and Nature
SOCI-4551 Food and Culture
SOWK-1100 Introduction to Social Welfare
SOWK-2401 Foundations Soc Work Prac
SOWK-3215 Preparatory Skills Soc Work Pr
SOWK-3230 Dementia Care: Case Study App
SOWK-3313 Northern Social Work Practice
SOWK-3315 Foundation Skills Soc Work Pra
SOWK-3401 Theory Soc Work Prac I
SOWK-3413 Child Welfare
SOWK-3415 Treatment Drug & Alcohol Abuse
SOWK-3437 Soc Work Prac Older People
SOWK-3439 Living with Grief and Loss
SOWK-3450 Intro Case Mgmt
SOWK-3500 Field Instruction I
SOWK-3515 Life Course Studies
SOWK-3630 Soc Work Prac Children & Famil
SOWK-4055 Interprof Educ & Wellness
SOWK-4212 Soc Policy & Soc Welfare
SOWK-4213 Violence & Soc Work Prac
SOWK-4217 Foundation Skills Socal Work P
SOWK-4253 Special Issues in Social Work
SOWK-4300 Theory of Social Work Practice
SOWK-4401 Theory Soc Work Prac II
SOWK-4405 Research in Social Work
SOWK-4407 Foundation Skills in Social Wo
SOWK-4411 Soc Work Prac & Aboriginal Peo
SOWK-4500 Field Instruction II
SOWK-4501 Field Instruction II
SOWK-4511 Sociology of Disability
SOWK-4610 Social Work Practice With Dive
SOWK-4770 Psychosocial Palliative Care
SOWK-4919 Special Topics I
SOWK-4939 Special Topics II
WOME-1100 Women's and Gender Studies
WOME-2111 Special Topics
WOME-2113 Popular Culture & Counter Cult
WOME-2114 Ecofeminism
WOME-2115 Transnational Masculinities
WOME-2711 Women's Act for Social Change
WOME-3030 Theorizing Equality
WOME-3111 Special Topics
WOME-3133 Women, Tech & Cyberculture
WOME-3213 Gender, Bodies and Sexuality
WOME-3214 Queer Studies
WOME-3335 Consuming Women
WOME-3356 Feminist Engagement With Law
WOME-3357 Law and Women's Lives
WOME-4010 Topics in Women/Gender Studies
WOME-4110 Special Topics
WOME-4112 Women's Sport and Leisure
WOME-4113 Women & Legal Narratives
WOME-4114 Transnational Feminisim
WOME-4214 Regulating Reproduction/Family
WOME-4901 Honours Thesis