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BSc (Mathematics and Physics Majors)

Three Year program
A mark of 60% in the Mathematics and Physics courses of each year is required.
The electives must be approved by the Chairs of the Department of Mathematical Sciences and Physics.

First Year:
(a) Mathematics 1171, 1172, 1271 and 1272
(b) Physics 1211 and 1212
(c) One FCE elective. Group I or II courses are recommended. (See Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, First Year Arts Program Grouping Requirements)
(d) One FCE elective(s) in Science

Second Year:
(a) Mathematics 2111, 2131, 2255, 2275
(b) Physics 2111, 2211 and 2331
(c) One half-course elective in Physics
(d) One FCE elective(s)

Third Year:
(a) Mathematics 3131 and 3133
(b) Physics 3211 and 3113
(c) One FCE elective(s) in Physics
(d) Two FCE electives