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Honours BSc (Physics) with Major Concentration in Biomedical Physics

Four Year program
A program designed for students interested in medical physics, medicine, biotechnology instrumentation, or biological physics research. A cumulative average of 70% is required in Physics, Biology and Chemistry courses for the HBSc (Physics) with Major Concentration in Biomedical Physics.

First Year:
(a) Physics 1211 and 1212
(b) Mathematics 1171 and 1172
(c) Chemistry 1110 and 1130
(d) One full course equivalent elective
(e) Computer Science 0411 or 1411
(f) Biology 2171

Second Year:
(a) Physics 2151, 2211, 2311, 2331 and 2332
(b) Mathematics 2111 and 2131
(c) Biology 2230
(d) Chemistry 2211
(e) One half-course elective

Third Year:
(a) Physics 2111, 3113, 3211, 3231 and 3511
(b) Physics 2510
(c) Mathematics 3131
(d) Biology 2711 and 2910
(e) One half-course elective

Fourth Year:
(a) Physics 4411 and 4412
(b) One half-course elective in Physics
(c) One half-course elective in Physics at the third or fourth year level
(d) One half-course elective in Physics at the fourth year level
(e) Three half-courses (excluding Physics) from the Applied Bio-Molecular Science List of Recommended Courses (see Applied Bio-Molecular Science Programs)
(f) One FCE elective

1. An Honours Physics Thesis (Physics 4501) can be used in place of the lab courses (Physics 4411 and 4412) or as an open elective. It cannot be used to replace Physics electives.
2. Students can switch to the Honours Physics program after second year.
3. Due to course rotation some courses may need to be taken out of sequence.