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Honours BSc (Physics Major) Co-operative Option

Co-operative Option Program
A cumulative average of 70% in all Physics courses is required.

Students satisfying all the requirements for the Honours BSc (Physics) program may elect to take the Co-operative Option, subject to the approval of the Department. In addition to the academic courses in the Honours BSc (Physics) program, four of the five co-operative work terms, denoted Physics 2990, 3990, 3992, 4990 and 4992, must be completed satisfactorily. The last term of the student's program must be an academic term and both fall and winter work terms must be included.

Departmental recommendations for work term placements will be made in the first three weeks of the academic term preceding one or more work terms. The University will provide employment counselling and contacts with participating employers for each student prior to each work period and will make all reasonable efforts to obtain placement. However, the achievement of employment is the result of a resumé and interview process and ultimate success in placement depends on the employer/employee interaction.

First Year:
(a) Physics 1211 and 1212
(b) Mathematics 1171 and 1172
(c) Chemistry 1110, 1130
(d) One and one-half FCE elective
(e) Computer Science 0411 or 1411

Second Year (Fall and Winter):
(a) Physics 2111, 2151, 2211, 2311, 2331 and 2332
(b) Mathematics 2111 and 2131
(d) One FCE elective

Second Year (Spring/Summer):
Optional co-operative work term (Physics 2990)

Third Year (Fall):
(a) Physics 3113, 3211 and 3231
(b) Physics 4113 or 4171
(c) Mathematics 3131

Third Year (Winter):
Co-operative work term (Physics 3990)

Third Year (Spring/Summer):
Co-operative work term (Physics 3992)

Fourth Year (Fall):
(a) Physics 4115 and 4411
(b) Physics 4113 or 4171 (the one not previously taken)
(c) One FCE elective

Fourth Year (Winter):
(a) Physics 3371 or 4211
(b) One half-course in physics at the third or fourth year level
(c) One FCE elective
(d) Mathematics 3133

Fourth Year (Spring/Summer):
Co-operative work term (Physics 4990)

Fifth Year (Fall):
Co-operative work term (Physics 4992)

Fifth Year (Winter):
(a) Physics 3371 or 4211 (the one not previously taken)
(b) Physics 4412
(c) One half-course in Physics at the third or fourth year level
(d) One FCE elective