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Honours BSc (Geography with Geology Minor)

Four Year program

First Year:
(a) Geography 1140
(b) Geology 1111, 1131
(c) Mathematics 1151 and 1152
(d) Two FCE electives in Science (Geography excluded)

Second Year:
(a) Geography 2211, 2251, 2271, 2331 and 2351
(b) Geology 22142215, 2217 and 2310
(c) One half-course elective in Science

Third Year:
At the beginning of the third year and at the beginning of the fourth year students must consult with the Department of Geology before registering in Geology courses.
(a) Two FCEs in Geography at the third year level
(b) Geology 3410 (permission of the Department)
(c) One and a half FCEs in Geology at the third year level
(d) One FCE Science elective

Fourth Year:
(a) Three FCEs in Geography at the fourth year level
(b) One FCE in Geology
(c) One FCE elective in Science

(a) A required or elective course may consist of one full course (third digit even) or two half courses (third digit odd).
(b) Elective courses may be chosen from any degree program in the University, provided the prerequisites are met. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the Department of Geography concerning the most useful electives for their program. In particular, those students with an interest in physical geography are encouraged to include the following electives in their program: Geology 11101130, 2214, 2310 and 3410Biology 11101130 and 2210.