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Concurrent Bachelor of Education Information


1. Science Electives
When Primary-Junior or Junior-Intermediate Concurrent Education programs require students to take one or more Science electives, these electives must be selected from among: Astronomy (General Science 2310 and 2330), Biology, Chemistry, General Science 1000, Geology, Meteorology (General Science 2010), and Physics. Anthropology (Science/Arts Credits only), Environmental Studies (Science Stream only), Geography (Science/Arts Credits only), and Computer Science, are also eligible. Students may need to meet prerequisites for some courses. General Science 1000 is recommended.

2. Music or Visual Arts Requirement
All Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate concurrent programs require students to take a minimum of one half-course in Music or Visual Arts.

3. Canadian Content
It is recommended that students in all concurrent programs include some Canadian content courses. When planning programs, students should note that courses may have prerequisites.

Concurrent Bachelor of Education (BEd)

The three regulations above govern all concurrent Bachelor of Education programs. For more information about the two types of concurrent Bachelor of Education programs offered see: