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Lakehead 2012-2013 Financial Aid to Students Graduate Assistantships, Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries Graduate Assistantships
Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistant appointments may be offered to some full-time graduate students (including Visa students) at a rate of $8,334 at the Master's level; and $9,099 at the Doctoral level (2007-2008 rates). A regular appointment constitutes a maximum of 270 hrs of work over the Fall and Winter terms averaging not more than 10 hrs of work per week. Representative duties include, but are not limited to: preparing classes, teaching, demonstrating, leading seminars, supervising laboratories, marking, consulting with students, holding assigned office hours, setting tests, examination and lab sets, conducting field trips, and providing other academic support assistance. A graduate student is eligible to hold a maximum of two full-time appointments at the Master's level and/or three full-time appointments at the Doctoral level.
No application required - Offers of Employment.

Graduate Student Employment 10-Hour Rule
Full time graduate students should be in a position to devote their full time and energy to a coherent program of graduate study and research, and should make full time progress toward completion of the requirements of that program. Too much time spent on employment activities diverts time and energy from the program of study and research, and delays completion. The common benchmark for the maximum acceptable time spent on university-related (or other) employment for full time graduate students is an average of ten hours per week. In August 1994, the government requested that the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies publicly confirm its position on the ten hour rule (i.e. that the number of hours a full time graduate student may spend on employment paid on or through the university should not exceed an average of ten hours per week). OCGS did so on September 16, 1994, and subsequently reaffirmed that position on January 21, 2000, and again on January 21, 2005. (Ontario Council on Graduate Studies)