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Lakehead University Course Calendar 2013-2014

Note to Readers:
This version of the Calendar contains new and revised programs and courses approved by the Senate of Lakehead University, up to and including the June 18, 2013 meeting, the final Senate meeting before the 2013-2014 academic year.

The Summary of New Changes for the 2013-2014 Calendar will summarize updates to this online Calendar. Links to several previous years' calendars and updates are available under the left-hand menu "Previous Calendars" link.

Last Academic Update: July 8, 2013 plus revisions below:

  • 25June2013 Addition: in Chemistry and Computer Science programs, First Year, replace PHYS 1101 with PHYS 1211 and 1212
  • 25June2013 Reactivate: BIOL 2131 (last calendared 2012-2013)
  • 25June2013 Reactivate: ENGI 0575 (last calendared 2010-2011)
  • 26June2013 Addition: in BEng (Chemical Engineering) degree, remove ENGI 0330 from list of Chemical Engineering Elective Courses
  • 8July2013 Addition: revise prerequisite for ENSU 2033 and 3033 (change INQU to INTD)
  • 23July2013 Addition: in HBEM, First Year, change GEOG 1120 to GEOG 1140 (Faculty of Natural Resources Management)
  • 26July2013 Correction: also change PHIL 1100 to two half-courses, in concurrent Education programs: BABEd (Philosophy Major) P/J and J/I and HBABEd (Philosophy Major P/J and J/I
  • 18Oct2013 Clarification: In addition to high school students applying to Nursing programs, mature students applying to Nursing programs and students with previous post-secondary education applying to the 3-Year Compressed Nursing program are also required to have taken Grade 12U Mathematics before being admitted.
  • 22Jan2014 Addition: Revisions to the Faculty of Engineering Faculty Regulations
  • 23Jan2014 Addition: Revision of University Regulations, I General Regulations (b)
  • 23Jan2014 Addition: Revision of Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, Academic Regulation #8
  • 27Jan2014 Correction: Remove NRMT 5980 from PhD in Forest Sciences degree
  • 25Feb2014 Correction: in HBSc (Geology Major), First Year, split PHYS 1101 into two half-courses
  • 25Feb2014 Correction: in BSc (Biology Major), note below First Year, split PHYS 1101 into two half-courses
  • 25Feb2014 Correction: in HBSc (Applied Bio-Molecular Science Major), First Year, split PHYS 1101 into two half-courses
  • 25Feb2014 Correction: in HBA (Gerontology and Women's Studies Major), Second Year (a) delete WOME 2112,2317 and add WOME 2115, 2117, 2118, 2310
  • 18March 2014 Correction: In Admission Requirements, II Requirements for Admission to Undergraduate Degree Programs, Admission Requirements - Thunder Bay Campus chart, for Nursing, the current Basic Cardiac Life Support certificate is required within the first month of classes, as noted in the Nursing Admission Requirements.
  • 25March 2014 Addition: Revisions to Department of Undergraduate Studies in Education, Academic Regulation #3 Professional Year Requirements (d) regarding Mathematics Competency Exams
  • 26Mar2014 Addition: Revision to Academic Regulation #5 in MEd Graduate Programs Information, that includes limit on number of courses taken in the spring and the summer terms
  • 26Mar2014 Addition: Addition of Academic Regulation, as exception to Faculty of Graduate Studies Master's Regulations, to permit students in MSc (Geology) program to request a leave of absence to gain practical experience releted to the field of study
  • 26Mar2014 Correction: In HBABEd (Philosophy Major) P/J and J/I, replace PHIL 1100 with one FCE in Philosophy in introductory paragraph regarding BA basic requirement

Significant Non-Academic Updates:

  • 3July2013 Correction: Academic Schedule of Dates/Registration & Withdrawal (Add & Drop) Dates 2013-2014, Final Date for Withdrawal (Drop) for Fall/Winter (Year Long) 2013/2014 Term Courses, should be Tuesday, February 4 (not Monday).
  • 16July 2013 Addition: Academic Schedule of Dates 2013-2014, added Professional Development in Education Courses dates and Convocation application to graduate dates
  • 7October 2013 Revision: Special Exam Dates in 2013-2014 Academic Schedule, Examination Dates, for Special Exams for Fall Term change from January 18 and 25, 2014 to January 10 and 11, 2014.
  • 7October 2013 Addition: in 2013-2014 Academic Schedule, Class Start and End Dates, add full spring/summer 2014 term (12 weeks) from May 1 to July 22, 2014.
  • 24October 2013 Revision: in Medals and Prizes section, criteria for awarding major medals (Governor General's Silver Medal, Governor General's College Bronze Medal, Chancellor's Medal, Vice-Chancellor's Medal) will now be on basis of cumulative average instead of required work of the final year.
  • 25October 2013 Addition: in 2014-2015 Academic Schedule of Dates, add Undergraduate Medical Education Academic Calendar of Events 2014-2015.
  • 4December 2013 Correction: Academic Schedule of Dates 2013-2014/Class Start and End Dates, final day of classes for Spring 2014 Full Term Courses and Spring 2014 Second Term Courses should be Friday, June 13 (not June 12), and final day of classes for Summer 2014 Full Term Courses and Summer 2014 Second Term Courses should be Thursday, August 14 (not August 13).

Last Update/Editorial Revision: April 2, 2014