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Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, Psychological Science (TB)

The PhD in Psychology, Psychological Science, requires the completion of three FCEs over three years of full-time study in addition to PhD Research Practicum (Psychology 6089 (9089)), Psychological Science Preliminary Examinations (Psychology 6813 (9813)), PhD Dissertation (Psychology 6901 (9900)), and Research Seminar (Psychology 6600 (9660)).

PhD students in Years 1, 2 and 3 must register yearly in Psychology 6901 (9900) (PhD Dissertation) and Psychology 6600 (9660) (Research Seminar).

Students entering the PhD program with masters' degrees from other institutions may be required to complete additional courses; refer to the Note in the Psychology Admission Requirements for the PhD program.

PhD students in the Psychological Science field are required to take 3 FCEs (six half-credit courses). The half credits should be taken from the following list with the option of taking up to two half-credit courses from other graduate programs, with permission from the Department Chair:

Psychology 5035 - Health Psychology
Psychology 5110 - Interpersonal Behaviour and Psychopathology
Psychology 5111 - Cognitive Neuropsychology
Psychology 5130 - Social Cognition
Psychology 5211 - Psychogerontology
Psychology 5250 - Evaluation in a Health and Social Service Context
Psychology 5471 - Psychopharmacology
Psychology 5475 - Behavioural Endocrinology
Psychology 5491 - Clinical Psychopharmacology
Psychology 5711 - Research Methods and Program Evaluation
Psychology 5731 - Special Topics in Psychology
Psychology 5751 - Topics in Biological Psychology
Psychology 5811 - Specialized Readings and Research Techniques
Psychology 6331 - Psychosocial Problems Across the Life Span

Note 1:
Lakehead University psychology MSc graduate students who have successfully completed graduate level courses from the list above taken during their master's degree program will not have those courses count as credit towards their PhD degree.
Note 2:
It is expected that students enroll in Psychology 6901 (9900) (PhD Dissertation) in the spring/summer session of Year 1 and Psychology 6813 (Psychological Science Preiliminary Examinations) before the fall session of Year 2 with completion by the summer session of Year 3.
Note 3:
Each student's program of study must be approved on an annnual basis by the student's dissertation advisor and by the Director of Psychological Science.
Note 4:
Registration in the PhD Research Practicum, Psychology 6089 (9089) is expected for students in Year 2. Research findings from the PhD Research Practicum are expected to be completed and ready for conference presentation with a project draft ready for journal publication by the spring session of Year 3.
Note 5:
Completion of the PhD Dissertation, Psychology 6901 (9900), is expected by the summer of Year 3.
Note 6:
In addition to the regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, a student who has failed the PhD Research Practicum, Psychology 6089 (9089), is deemed to have failed the program.