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Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, Clinical Psychology (TB)

The PhD in Psychology, Clinical Psychology, requires the completion of six FCEs over four years of full-time study in addition to PhD Practicum (Psychology 6090 (9090)), Clinical Practice and Research Examination (Psychology 6811 (9811)), Internship (Psychology 6092 (9092)), PhD Dissertation (Psychology 6901 (9900)), and Research Seminar (Psychology 6600 (9660)).
Non-credit courses are Psychology 6901 (9900) (Dissertation), Psychology 6600 (9660) (Research Seminar), Psychology 6090 (9090) (PhD Practicum), Psychology 6092 (9092) (Internship) and Psychology 6811 (9811) (Clinical Practice and Research Examination). All other required and elective courses are one-half credit each.
PhD students in Years 1, 2 and 3 must register yearly in Psychology 6901 (9900) (PhD Dissertation) and Psychology 6600 (9660) (Research Seminar).
Students entering the PhD program with masters' degrees from other institutions may be required to complete additional courses; refer to the Note in the Psychology Admission Requirements for the PhD program.
PhD First and Second Year:
Students must take the following six required half-courses and additional six elective half-courses (of which four must be from the list of Cognate Areas - see Psychology Academic Regulations, PhD Degrees, Course Requirements):
(a) Psychology 5311 - Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
(b) Psychology 5711 - Research Methods and Program Evaluation
(c) Psychology 6211 - Psychopathology of the Adult
(d) Psychology 6231 - Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence
(e) Psychology 6251 - Advanced Assessment Techniques
(f) Psychology 6751 - Cultural Issues for Clinical Psychologists
In keeping with CPA Accreditation standards, students must complete four of their six elective half-courses in each of the following cognate areas: biological, cognitive/affective, social/developmental, and individual differences bases of behaviour. (See Psychology Academic Regulations, PhD Degrees, Course Requirements)

These courses are typically offered only every second year. All coursework must be completed by the end of PhD Year 2.
It is expected that students enroll in Psychology 6090 (9090) (PhD Practicum) in the spring/summer session of Year 1. Psychology 6811 (9811) (Clinical Practice and Research Examination) can be started upon entry into the program and should be completed by the end of PhD Year 2.
PhD Third Year:
Completion of the PhD Dissertation (Psychology 6901 (9900)).
PhD Fourth Year:
Psychology 6092 (9092) (Internship)
Each student's program of study must be approved on an annual basis by the student's thesis advisor and by the Director of Clinical Training.