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Master of Science in Psychological Science (Specialization in Gerontology) (Thesis Option) (TB)


The MSc in Psychological Science requires a master's thesis (two full course equivalents), a multivariate statistics course (half-course equivalent), plus three additional half courses from any of the courses listed under (c) below, plus an additional two half courses in an area(s) relevant to the student, for a total of five full course equivalents, and the research seminar (a non-credit required course). The program requires the following courses:

(a) Psychology 5901 (9901) - Master's Thesis
(b) Psychology 5151 - Multivariate Statistics for Behavioural Research
(c) Three half courses from those listed below:
Psychology 5035 - Health Psychology 
Psychology 5110 - Interpersonal Behaviour and Psychopathology
Psychology 5111 - Cognitive Neuropsychology
Psychology 5130 - Social Cognition
Psychology 5211 - Psychogerontology
Psychology 5250 - Evaluation in a Health and Social Service Context
Psychology 5471 - Psychopharmacology
Psychology 5475 - Behavioural Endocrinology
Psychology 5711 - Research Methods and Program Evaluation
Psychology 5731 - Special Topics in Psychology
Psychology 5751 - Topics in Biological Psychology
Psychology 6331 - Psychosocial Problems Across the Life Span
(d) Two additional half courses from those listed above, from the graduate courses listed under the Clinical program, or from another Graduate Department at Lakehead, in consultation with the graduate supervisor.
(e) Psychology 5600 (9600) - Research Seminar (non-credit required course)

Applicants to the Psychological Science MSc program with or without Collaborative Specializations should be aware that this is not a degree that will lead to registration as a Psychologist or Psychological Associate in the Province of Ontario, or the title "Psychologist" in other provinces, and that this degree does not normally lead to direct admission to the PhD program in the field of Clinical Psychology at Lakehead University.


Students admitted to the Clinical Psychology or Psychological Science master's programs may apply for acceptance into the Collaborative Program with Specialization in Gerontology. They will take Gerontology 5710 - Research and Theory in Gerontology (half course equivalent) in place of a Psychology elective; they will participate in Gerontology 5790 - Gerontology Research Seminar (non-credit), and they will do a Master's Thesis in the area of gerontology.