Thunder Bay • Orillia

BSc (Natural Science Major)/Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation(TB)

Four Year program

First Year:

(a) Outdoor Recreation 1010, 1070, 1150, 1310
(b) English 1016
(c) Biology 1110, 1130
(d) One FCE of: Anthropology 1032 and 1034; Economics 1100; Geography 1120; Political Science 1100; Psychology 1100; Sociology 1100
(e) One-half FCE Type C other than Biology

Second Year:

(a) Outdoor Recreation 2210, 2270, 2350, 2511, 2755
(b) Outdoor Recreation 2910 (non-credit course)
(c) Biology 2210
(d) Either Biology 2171 or 2230
(e) One and one-half FCEs Type C courses not in Biology

Third Year:

(a) Outdoor Recreation 3050, 3312, 3380
(b) Four 0.5-FCE courses in Outdoor Recreation at the third year level
(c) Biology 3012
(c) One-half FCE in Biology

Fourth Year:

(a) Outdoor Recreation 4920
(b) Four 0.5-FCE courses in Outdoor Recreation at the fourth year level
(c) One-and-one-half FCEs in Biology
(d) One-half FCE Type C, which may be in Biology

Note: This program fulfills the Indigenous Content Requirement by including Outdoor Recreation 1150 and Biology 3012.