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Native Language Instructors' Program (NLIP)

The purpose of the Native Language Instructors' Program is to increase the number of Native Language teachers through summer programs which will prepare them to instruct in Native As A Second Language. Native Language teachers who have an understanding of the structure of the Native language, pedagogical principles, methods and techniques for teaching Native language will promote and maintain the teaching of Native languages. Course requirements are met through a combination of courses and student teaching.

Native Language Instructors' Program (NLIP) has two Components:

1. Native Language Instructors' Diploma Program with Specialization in Native As A Second Language (NASL)
A four summer program; training in teaching Native as a second language; to prepare teachers to teach students whose first language is English.

2. Native Language Teacher's Certification (NLTC)
A three summer program; training in teaching Native as a second language to students whose first language is English. A Certificate of Qualification (restricted) in NLTC is issued by the Ontario College of Teachers upon successful completion of this program. This program is offered in cooperation with and funded by the Department of Indian Affairs and the Ministry of Education.

Courses open to students who wish to do further work in guided independent study in a specialized area of Native Language education:
Native Language 2711 - Introduction to Native American Linguistics
Native Language 2713 - Algonquian Linguistics
Native Language 3251 - Translation
Native Language 3511 - Literature: The Oral Tradition
Native Language 3531 - Composition
Native Language 3551 - Literature
Native Language 3711 - Native American Applied Linguistics
Native Language 3751 - Linguistics
Native Language 3811 - Special Topic I
Native Language 3813 - Special Topic II

Note: For course descriptions see Languages, Native Language Courses. Courses are open to graduates of both Native Language programs and to all students who wish to extend their knowledge and do research in an Algonquian language.

Program Requirements:

Each program is marked with a TB, O or W designation to distinguish where each program is available.
(TB = Thunder Bay campus, O = Orillia campus, W = online)

Native As A Second Language (NASL) - Program Requirements (TB)
Native Language Teacher's Certification (NLTC) - Program Requirements (TB)