Thunder Bay • Orillia

Honours BASc (Media Studies Major) (O)

Four Year program

An overall 70% average in the Media Studies Major (courses designated with an asterisk*) through each year is required.

By the end of four years (20 FCEs), at least three (3) FCEs must be Type A (Humanities) or Type B (Social Sciences) courses; at least three (3) FCEs must be Type C (Engineering, Mathematical and Natural Sciences) or Type D (Health and Behavioural Sciences) courses; and at least one-half (0.5) FCE must be Type E courses. The Indigenous Content Requirement is being met by the inclusion of one-half (0.5) FCE chosen from the list of Type E courses taken as an elective in any year of the program.

 First Year:
(a) One-half FCE in first year Interdisciplinary Studies
(b) * Media Studies 1010" href="/Catalog/ViewCatalog.aspx?pageid=viewcatalog&topicgroupid=14324&entitytype=CID&entitycode=Media+Studies+1010">Media Studies 1010 and 1030
(c) * One FCE chosen from General Science 0350" href="/Catalog/ViewCatalog.aspx?pageid=viewcatalog&topicgroupid=14324&entitytype=CID&entitycode=General+Science+0350">General Science 0350, 0370; Media Studies 1610" href="/Catalog/ViewCatalog.aspx?pageid=viewcatalog&topicgroupid=14324&entitytype=CID&entitycode=Media+Studies+1610">Media Studies 1610; Visual Arts 0510" href="/Catalog/ViewCatalog.aspx?pageid=viewcatalog&topicgroupid=14324&entitytype=CID&entitycode=Visual+Arts+0510">Visual Arts 0510, 1010, 1110, 1130, 1150, 1170
(d) Two and one-half FCE electives (Note the Type A, B, C, D, and E courses requirement.)

Second Year:
(a) * Media Studies 2010" href="/Catalog/ViewCatalog.aspx?pageid=viewcatalog&topicgroupid=14324&entitytype=CID&entitycode=Media+Studies+2010">Media Studies 2010, 2030, 2210, 2230
(b) * One FCE in Media Studies at the second year level
(c) Two FCE electives (Note the Type A, B, C, D, and E courses requirement.)

Third Year:
(a) * One half-course chosen from: Media Studies 3610" href="/Catalog/ViewCatalog.aspx?pageid=viewcatalog&topicgroupid=14324&entitytype=CID&entitycode=Media+Studies+3610">Media Studies 3610, 3630, 3650, 3690, 3910 (Media Studies 3910" href="/Catalog/ViewCatalog.aspx?pageid=viewcatalog&topicgroupid=14324&entitytype=CID&entitycode=Media+Studies+3910">Media Studies 3910 recommended)
(b) One-half FCE in third year Interdisciplinary Studies 3010" href="/Catalog/ViewCatalog.aspx?pageid=viewcatalog&topicgroupid=14320&entitytype=CID&entitycode=Interdisciplinary+Studies+3010">Interdisciplinary Studies
(c) * Two and one-half FCEs in Media Studies at the third or fourth year level
(d) One and one-half FCE electives (Note the Type A, B, C, D, and E courses requirement)

Fourth Year:
(a) *One FCE chosen from: Interdisciplinary Studies 4220" href="/Catalog/ViewCatalog.aspx?pageid=viewcatalog&topicgroupid=14324&entitytype=CID&entitycode=Interdisciplinary+Studies+4220">Interdisciplinary Studies 4220, 4240, 4260
(b) * One FCE in Media Studies at the fourth year level
(c) Three FCE electives (Note the Type A, B, C, D, and E courses requirement)