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BA (General Program) (TB)(W)

Three Year program

The General Program degree in Arts or in Science attempts to overcome the restrictions of traditional programs by allowing the student as much latitude as possible in choosing courses. The degree is aimed particularly at the mature student.

Advanced credits for courses taken outside the Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies or Lakehead University must be approved by the Dean of Science and Environmental Studies, the Dean's delegate, or the program advisor.

The intent is to permit the student to take any fifteen (15) full course equivalents with only the following restrictions:
1. A maximum of seven (7) first year or zero level courses may be taken.

2. At least two (2) courses must be taken at the third year level or above, in Arts for the BA degree or in Science for the BSc degree.

3. A majority of the fifteen courses for the BA degree must be Arts courses, and for the BSc degree must be Science courses. No more than four (4) courses may be taken outside of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies. Pre-Service Education courses may not be credited.

4. The last five (5) full course equivalents must be taken while registered in either the Bachelor of Arts (General Program) or the Bachelor of Science (General Program) except with permission of the Dean or the Dean's delegate.

The student is advised to discuss the selection of course(s) with the Chair of the Department or the instructor of the particular course in order to determine whether or not the student has sufficient background in the subject matter to enrol in the course.

First Year:
Five full course equivalents.

Second Year:
Five full course equivalents.

Third Year:
Five full course equivalents.