Thunder Bay • Orillia

Honours Bachelor of Environmental Science (Biology Major)(TB)

Four Year program

First Year:
(a) Environmental Studies 1120
(b) Biology 1110 and 1130
(c) Chemistry 1110, 1130
(d) One full course equivalent (FCE) from Group I (see Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Regulations, First Year Arts Program Grouping Requirements)
(e) Mathematics 1151 and 1152, or Physics 1113 and 1133

Second Year:
(a) Environmental Studies 2013 and 2210
(b) One FCE Environmental Studies elective (Science Stream)
(c) Two of: Chemistry 2111, 2211, 2231
(d) Two of: Biology 2171, 2230, 2711
(e) Mathematics 2310 and 2311

Third Year:
(a) Environmental Studies 3094 
(b) Two FCEs Environmental Studies electives (Science Stream)
(c) Two and a half FCEs from Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology (in the list of Biology Elective Streams (b), of the Biology Programs)

Fourth Year:
(a) Three FCE biology courses at the third or fourth year level selected from the list of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology Stream courses in the Biology Programs
(b) Environmental Studies 4810
(c) One and one-half FCE elective