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In-Course-Faculty of Education-No Application

The following 2013-2014 Endowed and Non-Endowed Donor In-Course Scholarship and Award Funds for the Faculty of Education (with no application) are available. Note: Instead of dollar amount, "Not Available", indicates that donor funds are unavailable for this year.

Dr. James T. Angus Teacher Education Scholarship
$300 (JTASI)
Established in honour of Dr. James T. Angus, founding Dean of Education at Lakehead University (1969-79), under whose direction pre-service teacher education, native teacher education, and graduate education programs were developed. Awarded annually to a graduating student in the undergraduate studies in education program on the basis of high academic achievement in academic courses and excellence in practice teaching. Awarded by the Senate Undergraduate Scholarship and Bursaries Committee on the recommendation of the Faculty of Education.

Diane Buhlman Scholarship in Education
$200 (DBESI)
Established in 2001, the scholarship is awarded on the recommendation of the Faculty of Education to a student with high academic achievement and excellence in practice teaching. Preference will be given to a student from Thunder Bay or Northwestern Ontario.

Dr. Marco A. Colina Memorial Scholarship in Education
$200 (DMCLI)
Established in memory of Dr. Colina, a Faculty member from 1966 to 1988 by colleagues, staff and friends. Awarded annually to a student who was registered at Lakehead University in the previous academic year who attained high academic standing. The student must be entering his/her fourth year of the Bachelor of Education Degree Program, majoring in Languages, preferably Spanish.

Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario Award
The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) will annually award $500, to the graduating Primary/Junior or Junior/Intermediate candidate in the Faculty of Education. Awarded on the basis of: academic excellence; exemplary teaching practices; demonstrates initiative to broaden personal experience in educational culture; and demonstrates commitment to social justice. The candidate is recommended by both the practicum supervisor and an associate teacher to the Lakehead University Faculty of Education Awards Committee. The recommended candidate must not have received other funding from the ETFO.

Allan Macdougall Scholarship
$300 (AMASI)
Created through an estate gift of Marshall Macdougall Dean, in memory of his grandfather, Allan Macdougall, the first Police Magistrate in the city of Fort William. Awarded on the recommendation of faculty to a student in the Faculty of Education with high academic standing who demonstrates exemplary teaching skills.

Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association Award
Established in 1987, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association (OECTA), will annually award $1,000, to a student graduating from a Faculty of Education program, either French or English, either consecutive or concurrent. The student must have demonstrated academic excellence, having completed one or more of the following pre-service courses in preparing to teach in Ontario Catholic Schools: for example, Teaching in Roman Catholic Separate Schools, Foundations in Catholic Education, Religion as a Teachable.

Undergraduate Scholarship in Education
$350 (USESI)
Awarded to an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Education on the basis of academic achievement.

Dr. William A. West Memorial Scholarship
$450 (WAWSI)
Established in loving memory of Dr. West, long-time educator and founding Principal of Lakehead Teachers' College, which became the Faculty of Education, Lakehead University. Awarded to a graduating student with high academic standing and one who exhibits the potential to become an exemplary teacher. The recipient will have achieved the highest mark in Education 4280 - Curriculum and Instruction in English (Intermediate-Senior). Granted on the recommendation of the Faculty of Education.